Accelerate A Sign Pavement Board

Price ex VAT £96.99

Price incl VAT £ 116.39

When you need a promotional sign board to catch walk-by traffic, the answer is Accelerate. This outdoor A1 size A-sign is double-sided, so it grabs attention in both directions.


It’s sturdy and easy-to-use too; fitting A1 posters takes seconds and the frame snaps shut in a jiffy. The Accelerate is the perfect partner for marquees and retail environments, and you can change the message time and time again so it’s a flexible option too.

Price: £96.99

Price includes outdoor A sign with snap frame

  1. Open out stand legs and lock arms in place to secure
  2. Open out snap frame and insert graphic
  3. Place acetate over top and close frame
  4. Job done!

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