All Accessories

Light 50

Draw attention to your display board with this light

ONLY £12.99

Freestanding iPad Holder

Free Standing iPad holder


ONLY £59.99

Rocket 4-Pocket Fabric A4 Literature Rack

Ultra lightweight and easy to assemble

ONLY £26.99

Rocket 6-Pocket A4 Literature Rack

Display your literature in style with this collapsible rack

ONLY £51.99

Rocket 6-Pocket A3 Literature Rack

Finished in silver and acrylic, this is perfect for your A3 literature

ONLY £92.99

Rocket 7-Pocket A5 Literature Rack

Easy to assemble and finished in silver and acrylic

ONLY £44.99

A4 Acrylic Literature Holder

Display your A4 literature with ease

ONLY £2.99

A5 Acrylic Literature Holder

Can be wall-mounted or used freestanding

ONLY £2.80

DL (1/3 A4) Acrylic Literature Holder

Keep your literature tidy with this simple holder

ONLY £2.75

Magnetic Vehicle Graphics

Brand your vehicle in seconds

ONLY £59.99

Hook Fastener Roll – Small Pack

These hook fasteners are compatible with all of our display boards

ONLY £4.99

Hook Fastener Roll – Large Pack

Compatible with all of our display boards

ONLY £24.99

Hook Fastener Coins – Small Pack

These hook fasteners make changing information simple

ONLY £4.99

Hook Fastener Coins – Large Pack

Easily attach information to your display

ONLY £24.99

A5 Tabletop Chalkboard

Need something small? This stylish chalkboard will sit on your table perfectly

ONLY £13.59

A4 Tabletop Chalkboard

Small and lightweight, to compliment any table with style.

ONLY £16.59

Acrylic Menu Holder Packs

Packs of 10 acrylic menu holders. 5 sizes available.

ONLY £13.89

Menu Card Holder Packs

Packs of 10 aluminium menu holders. 4 sizes available.

ONLY £48.27

1x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Secure your menu outdoors. Lit option available.

ONLY £44.99

2x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Can hold 2 A4 menus side by side or stacked

ONLY £64.99

4x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Can hold 4 A4 menus – illuminated options available

ONLY £84.99

A2 Floor Standing Sign Holders

Choose for a professional looking menu sign.

ONLY £84.99