Light 1000

Price ex VAT £20.00

Price incl VAT £ 24.00

Halogen light for use with pop up or linear display systems.

Available in black or silver. Buy now for only £20.


Pop Up System Light

Our 150w mains halogen floodlight is suitable for use on our pop up displays and panel systems – great for illuminating and drawing attention to your displays.

See the Light 1000 main features below:

  • Halogen bulb
  • 3m power lead
  • 250mm straight arm
  • Adjustable head
  • Glass safety barrier

For more information or custom light requests, please call us today on use our live chat system during working hours.

Fully included: light frame/bulb, power lead and plug – £20.00

  1. Fit the light onto the top of the pop up frame.
  2. Adjust the light head to face your display.
  3. Plug into mains socket.

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