Literature Stands

Rocket 4-Pocket Fabric A4 Literature Rack

Ultra lightweight and easy to assemble

ONLY £26.99

Rocket 4-Pocket Premium A4 Literature Stand

Four A4 portrait pockets – collapses into carry bag

ONLY £80.00

Rocket 5-Pocket Literature Stand

5 pocket stand complete with a carry bag

ONLY £67.50

Rocket 6-Pocket A4 Literature Rack

Display your literature in style with this collapsible rack

ONLY £79.00

Rocket 6-Pocket A3 Literature Rack

Finished in silver and acrylic, this is perfect for your A3 literature

ONLY £133.00

Rocket 7-Pocket A5 Literature Rack

Easy to assemble and finished in silver and acrylic

ONLY £72.00

A4 Acrylic Literature Holder

Display your A4 literature with ease

ONLY £10.00

A5 Acrylic Literature Holder

Can be wall-mounted or used freestanding

ONLY £7.50

DL (1/3 A4) Acrylic Literature Holder

Keep your literature tidy with this simple holder

ONLY £6.25

Literature Display Stands

We have a wide range of great value literature and leaflet stands, available in a variety of sizes and styles. All of our literature stands come with a free carry case, making them easy to transport.

Our literature and leaflet stands compliment a stand, enabling you to display your literature in an orderly manner.

When selecting your literature stand you should consider the following elements: style, number of pockets, size of pockets and orientation of your leaflets.

Choosing the right literature stand for you:

Limited space, budget and literature
If you have limited space, the stand alone clear acrylic literature holder available in sizes A4, A5 and DL is ideal. This literature holder has two options for display and can be either placed freestanding on any flat surface, or can be mounted to walls using the pre-drilled holes.

With its small footprint, this display is a perfect way of displaying leaflets and brochures. Customers have used it within table top displays, counters, till areas, reception areas, waiting rooms and museum exhibits.

Multiple items of literature
You may have multiple items of literature or want to create an impact repeating the same literature in different pockets, which helps if you have a busy exhibition or event stand.

Consider the number of pockets that would be right for you. We stock literature racks with between 4 to 7 pockets in different materials to suit your aesthetic needs and budget.

Multiple items on a budget
If you are on a budget but still need multiple pockets to display your literature then our Rocket fabric literature stands are perfect. Your literature can be inserted into the fabric pocket to keep them organised. These are available with 4 pockets and are one sided.

Double sided literature stands
Our folding literature stands have the added benefit of being double sided with racks on each side to display literature. These are available with either 6 to 7 pockets.

Size of literature/orientation:

If you have a specific piece of literature in mind to use on your stand and need a stand to hold and display it, then making sure that your holder is big enough is important. You need the stand to display your literature in its correct format if it can be helped – so portrait leaflets and landscape brochures are not on their sides. For this reason, we provide a number of different sized literature holders to suit multiple sized literature:

DL (1/3 A4) Portrait:

A5 Portrait:

A4 Portrait

A3 landscape

Assembling literature stands

Assembly of literature stands will depend on the materials used but all are very simple.

Acrylic and metal stands are assembled by gently pulling the concertina to fully unfold the display and secure in place.

Fabric literature displays are assembled by rolling out the fabric pocket and attaching the bottom of the display to the support foot. The tension pole then pops into the back of the support foot and is secured in place at the top of the fabric stand to complete your literature stand.