Rocket 6-Pocket A4 Literature Rack

Price ex VAT £79.00

Price incl VAT £ 94.80

The Express Rocket is big on quality and little on your budget. It’s a collapsible literature stand with six A4 pockets.


Its silver and acrylic finish look sensational and it’s a heavy-duty beauty, perfectly wrapped up in its bespoke carry case.

Assembled size:
1460mm high x 256mm wide 370mm deep

Price: £69.99

Price includes literature stand and heavy-duty carry case

  1. Slide locking tabs away from base unit pivot arm
  2. Place your foot on the base to keep it steady, hold top tray and gently lift the rack upwards
  3. Rotate pivot arms through 180 degrees, then slide the two locking tabs over pivot arms at unit base
  4. Job done!

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