A5 Tabletop Chalkboard

Need something small? This stylish chalkboard will sit on your table perfectly


A4 Tabletop Chalkboard

Small and lightweight, to compliment any table with style.

ONLY £27.65

Medium Chalk A Board Pavement Sign

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

ONLY £73.75

Medium Fast Switch Chalkboard

Ideal for your hand written messages or offers

ONLY £133.75

Large Fast Switch Chalkboard

Get even more creative with this larger display

ONLY £205.00

Mini Tabletop Chalkboard

Choose from 5 different themed cut-out shape panels.

ONLY £17.00

Mini Easel Chalkboard

Mini easel chalkboard for table tops.

ONLY £14.60

Wall Mounted Chalkboard – Flat Profile

Save space with the wall mounted chalkboard.

ONLY £19.50

Wall Mounted Chalkboard – Round Profile

Wall mounted to save precious floor space.

ONLY £35.40

Large Wall Mounted Chalkboard – Flat Profile

Large wall mounted chalkboards for menus/long messages.

ONLY £61.90

Large Wall Mounted Chalkboard – Round Profile

Get creative with large chalk designs or messages.

ONLY £66.80

Large Chalk A Board Pavement Sign

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use


Chalkboard displays

Chalkboards make great displays for retail environments. As well as creating a rustic feel to your display with a classic wooden frame and hand-written message they also play a very important role in advertising your business.

As you can create and update your messages as frequently as you wish for no additional cost, using a chalkboard provides great longevity to your display as compared to poster signs. If you’re looking for a semi-permanent chalkboard sign, then some businesses also choose to hire chalkboard artists who can paint your script onto your display. This will also mean that it won’t rub off in the rain!

Types of chalkboard display:

A frame chalkboard

A frame chalkboards are great to use outside your premises to raise awareness of your latest offers, new products and reasons to come in.

Here are a few ways that a frame chalk boards are currently used for different retailers:

  • Restaurants and Bars: Show the special of the day, or special offers
  • Hairdressers: Update with availability messages such as ‘walk-in appointments available today’
  • Book shops: Dates for special releases or pre-order information
  • Charity shops: Types of donations needed

As well as displaying useful messages to help people walk into your shop, A frame chalkboards are also often used to display funny quotes, or photogenic Instagram friendly messages. This increases the chance of somebody taking a picture of your display and sharing it with their friends – who could be potential customers. Just make sure that you have your brand name on the display to make it easy for people to attribute your brand to the message!

Menu chalkboard

Small chalkboards are also used in retail environments as table numbers and to display special offers or perhaps a desert menu.

They come with a convenient board that can be removed to make changing the message easy.

How to write on a chalkboard

Our chalkboards are compatible with chalk as well as chalkboard pens. We’d advise using chalkboard pens as they’re easy to use and provide a high quality look without the dust that chalk often creates.

If you’re worried about your handwriting, there is a way you can cheat at making your chalkboard sign. Check out our guide on how to cheat at making your own chalkboard sign for more information.