Large Fast Switch Chalkboard

Price ex VAT £149.00

Price incl VAT £ 178.80

With a natural wooden finish, our large chalkboard stands at 862mm tall. With a smooth surface, liquid chalk pens compliments this chalkboard perfectly for you to write your own message clearly and quickly. Chalkboard is removable from the stand to allow easier access for personalising.

Large Fast Switch Chalk Board

Looking for a chalkboard-style pavement sign where you can change the message easily?

Our Fast Switch Chalkboard available in dark brown can slot into the wooden sign using a groove and can be easily removed, flipped and reused.

This sign is compatible with liquid chalk markers for a professional finish.

680 x 1197 mm

Please note that the dimensions shown are at full height of the closed display and not the height once on display.

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