Custom Christmas POS Floor Stickers

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Whether you’re advertising your brand, a promotion, or simply leading customers to where you are, floor graphics are a great way to grab attention.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Our self adhesive floor graphics are simple to use and can be applied to any hard flooring!
All of our floor graphics come with an anti- slip and anti- scuff laminate to keep them looking good for longer.

Due to our laser cutting technology we can create almost any shape you ask for although, we do have a limit of a maximum of 2000x1200mm per floor graphic. If your graphic is this size or less, it’s much easier to apply.

We can create larger floor displays though.
We will simply tile sections of your graphic to make the joining of its other sections easier and seamless.

Our floor graphics are:

  • Custom made
  • Laser cut for precision
  • Self adhesive
  • Anti- scuff and anti- slip
  • And can be used on short pile carpet and any type of hard flooring

Prices from £40 per m2

Square200mmPack of 10
Square300mmPack of 5
Square500mmPack of 1
Square1000mmPack of 1
Circle200mmPack of 10
Circle300mmPack of 5
Circle500mmPack of 1
Circle1000mmPack of 1
RectangleA4Pack of 10
RectangleA3Pack of 5
RectangleA2Pack of 1
RectangleA1Pack of 1

3mm bleed required on all sides.

Email your artwork to Your details will be matched to your order. The artwork quality and size will be checked and if there are any problems, we will let you know.

1. Ensure the surface is dry and dust free.
2. Peel off the backing from your graphic.
3. Apply the graphic to your dry and dust free space, ensuring you smooth it over as you go along.
4. Job done!

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