Curved Pop Up Stands

3×2 Curved Pop-up Basic Stand

This stand is perfect for smaller spaces at events and exhibitions

ONLY £260.00

3×2 Curved Pop-up Kit

Maximise your small space at a variety of events with this kit

ONLY £426.99

3×2 Curved Pop-up Kit with Screen Mount

The smaller version of the curved pop ups with the added benefit of a screen mount

ONLY £532.99

3×3 Curved Pop-up Basic Stand

Medium sized, this is perfect for events and as a semi permanent display in retail environments

ONLY £325.00

3×3 Curved Pop-up Kit

Grab attention at general events, trade shows, libraries and schools

ONLY £448.99

3×3 Curved Pop-up Kit with Screen Mount

Perfect for any event, the added screen display will attract the numbers to your stand

ONLY £580.99

3×4 Curved Pop-up Basic Stand

This large stand works well at trade shows and in retail environments

ONLY £380.00

3×4 Curved Pop-up Kit

This high- impact kit shows off your brand without the expense of a custom-built stand

ONLY £529.99

3×4 Curved Pop Up Kit with Screen Mount

Show off your brand with this larger display, complete with a screen mount for digital engagement

ONLY £635.99

Display Tower

Tower display -great for use as a branded sign

ONLY £294.00

Pronto Vertical Curve Fabric Display

This lightweight fabric display works well as a backdrop

ONLY £420.00
Low Price

Pronto Horizontal Curved Fabric Display

Lightweight, easy to assemble, and great for a number of event types

ONLY £410.00

Pronto Curved Fabric Display Bundle

Complete lightweight and portable bundle for your next event.

ONLY £645.00