Curved Pop Up Stands

3×2 Curved Pop-up Basic Stand

This stand is perfect for smaller spaces at events and exhibitions

ONLY £425.35

3×2 Curved Pop-up Kit

Maximise your small space at a variety of events with this kit

ONLY £678.35

3×2 Curved Pop-up Kit with Screen Mount

The smaller version of the curved pop ups with the added benefit of a screen mount

ONLY £735.90

3×3 Curved Pop-up Basic Stand

Medium sized, this is perfect for events and as a semi permanent display in retail environments

ONLY £503.90

3×3 Curved Pop-up Kit

Grab attention at general events, trade shows, libraries and schools

ONLY £764.70

3×3 Curved Pop-up Kit with Screen Mount

Perfect for any event, the added screen display will attract the numbers to your stand

ONLY £822.30

3×4 Curved Pop-up Basic Stand

This large stand works well at trade shows and in retail environments

ONLY £598.90

3×4 Curved Pop-up Kit

This high- impact kit shows off your brand without the expense of a custom-built stand

ONLY £862.40

3×4 Curved Pop Up Kit with Screen Mount

Show off your brand with this larger display, complete with a screen mount for digital engagement

ONLY £920.00

3×5 Curved Pop-up Basic Stand

Ideal backdrop for your next event.

ONLY £693.80

3×5 Curved Pop-up Kit

Stand out with the full kit bundle.

ONLY £968.15

3×5 Curved Pop-up Kit with Screen Mount

Added screen mount for the ultimate exhibiting bundle.

ONLY £1,025.70

Display Tower

Tower display -great for use as a branded sign

ONLY £448.75
Low Price

Pronto Curved Fabric Display

Lightweight, easy to assemble, and great for a number of event types

ONLY £387.50
Low Price

Pronto Curved Fabric Display Bundle

Complete lightweight and portable bundle for your next event.

ONLY £689.99
While stock lasts!

Pronto Vertical Curve Fabric Display

This lightweight fabric display works well as a backdrop

ONLY £373.75

Replacement Pop Up Stand Graphics

Refresh your pop up stands with replacement graphic panels.

ONLY £55.00

Size and Dimensions Guide Teaser

Curved pop up display stands

Create a stunning branded back wall with a curved pop up display stand. Reaching up to 2.2 metres in height and up to 5 metres wide, there’s plenty of branding space available to create a truly customised back drop display for your next event.

Pop up displays are one the most popular event and exhibition displays out there. Read more below to find out why, or talk to a friendly member of our team today on 0800 151 3750.

What is a curved pop up stand?

A standard pop up stand consists of a lattice frame that opens and closes in a concertina style, and a set of PVC graphic panels that attaches to the frame.

The only difference with a curved pop up display stand is that the frame slightly curves inwards to create the (yes you guessed it) curved effect. The width of the panels are slightly different to straight pop up displays but they are still attached in the same way.

What sizes of curved pop ups are available?

There are three sizes to choose from: 3×2, 3×3 and 3×4. It’s important to note that these numbers are not a metric reference. They simply refer to how big the frame is. As an example, 3×3 indicates the grid reference on the frame being three grids wide, by three grids high.


See which size best suits the stand space you have below:

 Business CardDLA5A4
Fits leaflet size93mm x 50mmDLA5A4

Custom sizes are also available on request – so please don’t hesitate in calling us to find out more.

Where would I use pop up stands?

Curved pop up stands make ideal displays in large spaces. Their main purpose is to attract attention by making your display set up look professional with a stunning back wall – but where exactly would you use these displays? We recommend using pop up display stands in:

  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Large retail areas
  • Promotional areas
  • Anywhere else with enough floor space to display a large branded back wall to attract attention

Why would I want a curved pop up display?

As well as being large in size, they’re also incredibly portable. Curved pop up display stands make the perfect display to accompany all the events you intend to exhibit at.

The frame and PVC graphics neatly fit in the wheeled case (available as an accessory) for easy transportation. If that’s not enough, the case can also be converted into an event counter by adding a graphic wrap and counter top to fit on the case – all available as a kit option.

Screen mount options are also available as added extras. A screen mount will provide the option of adding a screen to any cross section of the frame on your curved pop up stand. Ideal for adding another level of engagement to your display.

There are limitations to the size and weight of screens that can be fitted onto the frame, so please call us or use our live chat system to find out more about our screen mount options.

Consider a curved pop up display as a long term investment. As long as they are looked after properly and stored securely, pop ups can last years without the need to replace anything.

As well as this, if you are looking to update your graphics with new messages, there’s no need to purchase a whole new display. Only a new set of graphics is needed.

Are they easy to assemble?

Exhibition pop up stands are easy and quick to assemble. We recommend two people for assembling, which takes less than five minutes. But one person is more than enough to assemble in ten minutes.

Follow these steps to assemble a pop up stand:

  1. Open the concertina style frame fully. (The below magnetic connectors should join together).
  2. Add the magnetic bars to the frame.
  3. Hook the numbered PVC graphic panels to the top of the frame.
  4. Ensure alignment is accurate and smooth down the PVC panel along the magnetic bars to seal.

If you’re wondering why magnetic bars are added to the frame, it’s because the PVC panels are lined with magnetic strips – which allows the panels to attach to the frame and create a seamless effect.

Why choose us for curved pop up display stands

We deal with exhibition pop up stands every day, for a wide range of clients. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience to help with enquiries, orders, assembly and more. Here’s what you can expect to get from us:

  • High quality displays that last
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Expert advice and help
  • 5 year hardware guaranteePop up stands review example
  • Artwork design options
  • Great prices

Don’t take our word for it. This is what Sam had to say:

“The magnets on the stand make it very easy to assemble, highly recommend this product! Express Exhibition Displays also delivered the product very quickly.”



Give us a call today on 0800 151 3750 or use our live chat system during working hours for more information on our curved pop up stands.