3×3 Curved Pop-up Basic Stand

Price ex VAT £503.90

Price incl VAT £ 604.68

We have created this very cost effective basic 3×3 kit option for those situations when your budget it tight.

(Medium) 3×3 – Assembled Dimensions: 2226mm high x 2540mm wide.

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You can now purchase our popular 3×3 frame with just the main graphic panels creating a seamless display. The kit will be supplied packed in cardboard boxes making it easier to transport and store when required. Optional extras like lights and a transport case can also be supplied if required.

Assembled size:
2226mm high x 2540mm wide 685mm deep

Price: £325.00

Price includes pop up frame and graphics.

Main display 2225mm high x 3365mm wide; bleed area of 336.5mm required at both ends.

Template : 3×3 Pop-up basic kit

Upload your artwork here. Your details from this upload will be matched to your order. The artwork quality and size will be checked and if there are any problems, we will let you know. See our full artwork and graphic design services to take advantage of.

  1. Fully open the frame and stand upright.
  2. Add the magnetic bars on the frame.
  3. Hook the numbered PVC graphics on top of the frame.
  4. Smooth down the graphics along the magnetic bars for a seamless effect.

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