Display Boards

ONLY £69.00

Express Plastic Table Top Display Kit

Lightweight and works well individually or as part of a larger display

ONLY £69.00
ONLY £139.00

Express Plastic Six Panel Folding Display Kit

The Velcro friendly fabric makes changing your display easy

ONLY £139.00
ONLY £179.00

Express Plastic Eight Panel Folding Display Kit

Eight panels, easy assembly and Velcro-friendly fabric make this a top choice

ONLY £179.00
ONLY £219.00

Express Aluminium Display Board

Robust with Velcro-friendly fabric and available in many colours

ONLY £219.00
ONLY £315.00

Express Jumbo Display Kit

Plenty of space to fill? The Jumbo is the stand for the job!

ONLY £315.00

Express Large Folding Display Board

Double sided display board standing 1800mm tall

ONLY £159.99

Wheeled Folding Panel Screen

Portable Velcro friendly screen with castors and breaks

ONLY £259.99

A3 Snappy Freestanding Snap Frame

Easily change your graphics with this snap frame

ONLY £27.99

A4 Snappy Freestanding Snap Frame

Use this frame either portrait or landscape

ONLY £24.99
ONLY £110.00

Express Jumbo Additional Panel

Add an extra panel to your Jumbo display to make a bigger impact

ONLY £110.00

A5 Tabletop Chalkboard

Need something small? This stylish chalkboard will sit on your table perfectly

ONLY £9.50

A4 Tabletop Chalkboard

Small and lightweight, to compliment any table with style.

ONLY £12.00

1x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Secure your menu outdoors. Lit option available.

ONLY £44.99

2x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Can hold 2 A4 menus side by side or stacked

ONLY £64.99

Medium Chalk A Board Pavement Sign

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

ONLY £58.99

4x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Can hold 4 A4 menus – illuminated options available

ONLY £84.99

Medium Fast Switch Chalkboard

Ideal for your hand written messages or offers

ONLY £88.99

Large Chalk A Board Pavement Sign

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

ONLY £69.00

Large Fast Switch Chalkboard

Get even more creative with this larger display

ONLY £149.00

A2 Floor Standing Sign Holders

Choose for a professional looking menu sign.

ONLY £84.99