Display Boards

Express Plastic Table Top Display Kit

Lightweight and works well individually or as part of a larger display

ONLY £69.00

Express Plastic Six Panel Folding Display Kit

The Velcro friendly fabric makes changing your display easy

ONLY £108.99

Express Plastic Eight Panel Folding Display Kit

Eight panels, easy assembly and Velcro-friendly fabric make this a top choice

ONLY £179.00

Express Aluminium Display Board

Robust with Velcro-friendly fabric and available in many colours

ONLY £219.00

Express Jumbo Display Kit

Plenty of space to fill? The Jumbo is the stand for the job!

ONLY £315.00

Express Large Folding Display Board

Double sided display board standing 1800mm tall

ONLY £159.99

Wheeled Folding Panel Screen

Portable Velcro friendly screen with castors and breaks

ONLY £259.99

A3 Snappy Freestanding Snap Frame

Easily change your graphics with this snap frame

ONLY £27.99

A4 Snappy Freestanding Snap Frame

Use this frame either portrait or landscape

ONLY £24.99

Express Jumbo Additional Panel

Add an extra panel to your Jumbo display to make a bigger impact

ONLY £110.00

A5 Tabletop Chalkboard

Need something small? This stylish chalkboard will sit on your table perfectly

ONLY £9.50

A4 Tabletop Chalkboard

Small and lightweight, to compliment any table with style.

ONLY £12.00

1x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Secure your menu outdoors. Lit option available.

ONLY £44.99

2x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Can hold 2 A4 menus side by side or stacked

ONLY £64.99

Medium Chalk A Board Pavement Sign

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

ONLY £58.99

4x A4 Illuminated Menu Box

Can hold 4 A4 menus – illuminated options available

ONLY £84.99

Medium Fast Switch Chalkboard

Ideal for your hand written messages or offers

ONLY £88.99

Large Chalk A Board Pavement Sign

Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

ONLY £69.00

Large Fast Switch Chalkboard

Get even more creative with this larger display

ONLY £149.00

A2 Floor Standing Sign Holders

Choose for a professional looking menu sign.

ONLY £84.99

Display Boards UK

Display boards are arguably the longest lasting type of display you can purchase. If you look after your boards, you could be using them for years to come.

We have a wide range of display boards available in a variety of sizes and colours and they all come with a one year hardware guarantee.

All of our panel boards are covered in a Velcro friendly fabric with a choice of 10 colours. This means you can attach information quickly and easily.

Display your fast changing information in minutes:

When you need a display that can handle fast changing information, then panel display boards are the perfect choice:

Simply add hook fasteners to the back of your marketing materials and attach to the panel boards.

The hook fasteners will attach to the loop nylon finish of our boards, holding lightweight information for as long as you need it.

Using hook fasteners will prolong the life of your boards as pins permanently damage the internal structure.

If you have multiple uses in mind for your display then boards are a fantastic choice as they provide you with the flexibility of changing your display yourself in minutes.

Expanding information display:

If you need a modular display board kit, where you can add or subtract boards at a whim, then our jumbo kit is a great choice.

It can also be used as a full height folding partitioning system.

For example, you could use this type of kit within a school, displaying student’s artwork, interdepartmental information boards, town councils presenting plans and conference poster sessions.

Additional panels are available for our Jumbo kit, which are simply and easily attached with joining strips as and when necessary.

Displaying with limited floor space

Our folding display board kits are available in a variety of sizes and are available from a table top display kit to an eight panel folding display kit.

The table top display kit is very popular display with organisations presenting in an area where space is at a premium.

It sits neatly on a table, and is complemented by the use of a branded panel and printed branded tablecloth.

How to care for your boards to make them last:

If your display board gets dusty then clean it with a slightly damp sponge or vacuum cleaner.

Heavier marks can be treated with a little mild detergent soap. Never soak your panels as the inner cardboard will become soggy and unfortunately unusable!

Order your display board today

If you have any questions about display boards, or would like to speak to team, call us on 0808 274 5400 or use our live chat facility where our UK based customer service team will be happy to help.