Express Jumbo Display Kit

Price ex VAT

Price incl VAT £ 378.00

Got plenty of space to fill? Need a big stand do the job? This is a job for the Express jumbo display kit.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Its two-metre high panels can be joined in a flash to create an extra-large display area, velcro-friendly panels mean you can vary your messages to different audiences whenever you like. Add more panels if you like, using simple joining strips willmake this easy. This kit comes with a choice of five colours and we can supply it in 3-4 days if you’re pushed; just order now or give us a call.

Assembled size:
Three panels, each 2000mm high x 1000mm wide, plus two joining strips

Price: £315.00

Price includes three-panel kit with joining strips and kickboards

  1. Feed the flexible hinge through the channel on the edge of each panel
  2. Angle the panels slightly for stability
  3. Job done!

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