Express Plastic Six Panel Folding Display Kit

ONLY £139.00

Price ex VAT £139.00

Price incl VAT £ 166.80

The Express six-panel freestanding folding kit is a multi-functional marvel. It’s light, compact, quick to set up and very versatile. What more could you want from a display?

Velcro-friendly fabric display panels mean you add and change display content easily. This baby is available in a range of colours. We can also do next-day delivery on the standard medici blue/new grey colourways for this model, if you order before 2.30pm… So get cracking!

Assembled size:

Six panels, each 600mm wide x 900mm high, plus header

Price: £139.00

Includes six-panel kit with velcro-friendly boards and carry bag

  1. Open out the first set of panels, making sure the connecting clips are at the top
  2. Lift the second set of panels and place onto the first; push down to secure the connecting clips
  3. Secure the header using the clips and fitting provided
  4. Job done!

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