Express Table Top Display Kit

Price ex VAT £85.10

Price incl VAT £ 102.12

The Express table top display board kit is just what you need when space is at a premium. It fits neatly and safely onto a table top and can be used on its own or as part of a wider display.


This display board is very popular with charities and social groups, where it is used as a display at events and fates or as permanent displays at their HQs if space allows.

This kit is easy and simple to use, just open out the velcro-friendly fabric panels, add the header and your messages and you’ll be ready to roll. As this is our smallest and most light weight display board that comes with its own carry bag it is easy to carry, transport and store.

Don’t forget that we would also ways advise you to attach your information using hook fasteners.

Assembled size:
Three panels, each 600mm wide x 900mm high, plus header

Price: £69.00

Includes three-panel kit with header and carry bag

  1. Open out the display boards
  2. Attach the header panel using the clips and fittings provided
  3. Job done!

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