Pace 600mm Display Counter

Price ex VAT £99.99

Price incl VAT £ 119.99

Now you see it, now you see it again. The Pace is excellent at events – holding plenty of information and providing extra storage space – but it also fits general office environments afterwards. Comes in a choice of 3 tabletop colours: black, white and silver.


It’s great for holding phones, leaflets or plants and you can pop a computer monitor on it, no problem. No-tool assembly means it’s speedy to set up and it looks good, courtesy of the graphic which is fixed with velcro.

Assembled size:
1000mm high x 600mm diameter

Price: £99.99

Price includes counter unit with printed graphic

1788mm wide x 990mm high

Template: Pace 600mm display counter template

  1. Insert four poles into base and tighten base thumbscrews to secure the poles
  2. Place counter top over poles and stabilise using top thumbscrews
  3. Fit graphic wrap around poles and secure with velcro
  4. Job done!

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