Eco Friendly Displays

Kabloom® Seedbom™

Fully branded packaging with your choice of seeds.


Recycled Money Pencils

Made from recycled money – from £0.31 per pencil.


Cardboard Display Bin

From £17.88 per unit.

ONLY £491.10

Recycled Notepads

Half A5 size – from £1.48 per notebook


Cotton Shopper Bags

1 spot colour branding – from £0.66 per bag.


Seed Paper Carrier Bags

From £2.53 per unit.


Seed Paper Greeting Cards

From £6.71 per unit


Branded Seed Packets

Printed double sided – prices from £0.14 per packet.


Seed Paper Envelopes

From £2.11 per unit.


Whoosh Outdoor Eco-Banner

Eco-friendly banners for use outdoors.

ONLY £43.75

Fleet Outdoor Eco-Banner Stand

Water filled base for stability – with an eco-friendly graphic.

ONLY £123.75

Bolt 800 Roller Eco-Banner Stand

Indoor banner featuring an eco-banner and hidden base.


Cardboard Totem Display

From £12.62 per unit.

ONLY £464.29

Eco-Friendly Plant Cubes

Laser etched cube with custom printed packaging.


Seeded Paper Wristbands

Paper embedded with wildflower seeds.


A-Frame Outdoor Eco-Banner

Perfect for advertising on fields and open spaces.

ONLY £200.00

Recyclable displays

Reduce your impact on the environment with an eco-friendly, recyclable display.

There’s no difference in the quality of print – the only difference is your display is produced from recycled materials and/or can be recycled to send almost zero waste to landfill.

For the eco conscious brand, or any business looking to go eco-friendly, look no further. Our eco-friendly displays range from PVC free roller banners to recycled pencils made of money!

Our eco-friendly range

See the range of eco-friendly products to choose from below:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we might be able to help. Give a member of the team a call today on 0808 163 6481 to find out more.

Environmentally friendly materials

So what materials are eco-friendly displays made from?

All banner graphics are made from a recyclable plastic-based material called polypropylene. This is 100% PVC free.

Printing your artwork also involves using an energy efficient UV / LED process. All inks used are free of any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

As well as being made from recyclable materials, all eco-friendly banners in the range can be recycled free of charge using our recycling scheme.

Recycling scheme

Our recycling scheme is open to anyone with an old, unwanted display they wish to recycle. There’s no need to send anything to general waste!

For eco-friendly displays purchased from our range, we can recycle them for you free of charge. You’ll even receive £10 credit per item* recycled with us to use on future eco-display orders from our range. *Full terms and conditions apply.

There’s no need to send your old banners to landfill. For any other standard roller banners with PVC graphics, we can still recycle these for you. A fee of £10 per item sent for recycling will apply – but you will also receive £10 credit per item recycled to use on future eco-display orders. There is a maximum of £100 credit that can be offered.

Why choose Express Exhibition Displays?

So why choose us? Here’s just a glimpse of what we offer our customers:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Artwork design help and services
  • All artwork checked by hand before printing
  • High quality eco-friendly displays

For more information on our eco-friendly range, give us a call today on 0800 151 3750 or use our live chat system during working hours.