4 great ways to grow your start-up business

Running a new business is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort but you’re passionate about it. You know that you’re onto something and you want to grow your grow your business as a startupbusiness.
The best way to start growing your business is by increasing its visibility through marketing.

Here are our 4 top ways you can start to grow your business.

      1. Own your website

        Having a web presence is really important to make sure your business is seen when people search for it.

        It adds professionalism and can allow your new brand to be seen by a wider-audience. Even if that’s Mary who lives across town, it opens up your potential and gives your brand a virtual home.

        Make sure you have a clean layout, that it’s easy to find your contact details and of course that you include information on what you do and how people can get it!

        Free and easy to use tools are available to build your website such as WordPress, with your own personalised web address starting from as little as £0.99 per year. It can be cheaper than you think to make the leap to owning your own web property and for little financial commitment.

        It’s also worth knowing that you don’t need to know any coding to build a website. Most platforms will offer a really easy to use interface where you don’t need any training to use.

      2. Attract traffic to your website through advertising

        Now that you have a website, you’ll want to start attracting people to it! Unfortunately “Build it and they will come” attitude won’t quite cut it in the online world.

        There’s a number of ways you can attract people to your website including PPC which stands for pay per click. You pay a small fee (from about £0.05) every time somebody clicks on your advert to go to your website.

        You can tailor your adverts to only show up in specific locations at certain times and can switch it on and off at a whim.

        It provides great flexibility and relatively inexpensive solution for start-ups to start getting more exposure of your brand and your website.Other forms of paid online advertising are available too such as affiliate marketing where other websites add banners to their site and work on a commission basis.

      3. Build your tribe on social media

        Social media isn’t just about sharing photos of your lunch. It’s a great way of sharing your new business with the world and gaining a tribe of loyal followers who are interested in your products or services.

        Give people a reason to follow you rather than just sharing offers as this can seem a bit bland. People want to be interacted with on social media so why not share an inside look at your business. The latest project you’re working on, what life is really like as a start-up. Also remember to share the love around! Think about what would be of interest to your followers and share interesting articles or funny pictures from other brands.

        It gives your brand credence. It can also help nurture customers when you show them something amazing that you’re working on.social media icons


        Be sure to choose the platforms that you work on carefully. For example, if your brand is quite visual then using Instagram could be really good for you. But if you are business focused, then maybe Twitter or LinkedIn would be better!

        Each social platform will have target demographics which can easily be found online so you can match your brand presence with where your customers ‘hang out’.

      4. Find your show

        Exhibiting may seem like a scary prospect if you’re a new business, but it can be very exciting and has proven time again to deliver one of the highest return on investments as compared to other marketing channels.

        It puts you face-to-face with your potential customers, giving you vital insights into what products they love.

        If they love it, they could also tell their friends and family, widening your audience post-show.

        Pick a local show to start with where your customers would be. Whether that’s a local craft fair or nearby business conference.

Stand space can be relatively cheap if you book early enough and your full exhibition kit can be less than £100 to create a fully branded display to wow passers-by. They can also be a worthwhile investment to use time and time again at future events, lowering the total cost of exhibiting and getting your brand known in the right circles.

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