5 fantastic products of 2015

2015 was an exciting year product-wise. Not only did we add quite a few new products but we also ran many deals in the run up to Christmas including 2 for £80 on our Dash roller banner stand. In light of the excitement, we decided to take a look at the top 5 products of 2015…

Dash roller banner stand

The super popular and a bestselling Dash roller banner stand is sleek, dashing by nature and a steal at just £49.99!

This lightweight stand is perfect for a range of events and environments including exhibitions, retail displays and office reception areas.

Bolt banner

What makes the Bolt stand out the most is the fact that the base is hidden. This means that your design is the main point of focus wherever you choose to use it.

Attending a conference? Need an additional display in your stand? Or perhaps you want to promote your latest offer or product as soon as the customer walks in. Whatever you need to do, the Bolt is a great choice as it takes just under 10 seconds to assemble.

2×3 Curved dynamic pop up

This small sized stand is perfect as a starter for smaller events, exhibitions and those starting out. Don’t underestimate the size of this stand though as it still has the ability to stand out and grab attention from afar. All you need is an eye-catching graphic!

The graphics are easy to attach as the magnetic strips attach to the framework. The frame also pops up, like its name suggests, allowing your display experience to run as smoothly as possible.

Printed tablecloth

These tablecloths are perfect for a variety of events as they promote your brand perfectly while also acting as a hidden storage space!

A few need-to-know facts about the tablecloth:

We use a print process where ink is printed into the tablecloth and not on top of it – your branding will look brand new each and every time you use it. You can also wash your tablecloth as often as needed without the fear of your logo cracking or fading.

Thought that was good? We can even colour match your branding – simply send us the pantone reference.

Pace counter 500

With quick and easy assembly that requires no tools, the Pace 500 is a quality unit with a stylish black laminate top to finish it off. A custom graphic wrap is also supplied and can easily be attached with Velcro.

Attending an event where you need to show off your product? The Pace 500 is perfect. Will you need an information collection point at your next event? The Pace 500 provides more than enough room. It’s no wonder this counter made it on our ‘5 fantastic products of 2015’ list.

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