5 Inspirational Ways to Use Flags

Flags have always been a staple part of our product range but this year we have seen their popularity increase significantly. With this in mind, I thought I’d share some great ways that our customers have been using flags within their communication plans.

A Standalone Flag







The most popular way of using a flag is a single stand-alone flag. It can be used at an event to draw attention to your location from afar – even in the busiest of locations. For me the most satisfying use of a single flag is at a rest point at a sporting event. For example, many charities use them at endurance events to let participants know where they are and in some circumstances get a well-deserved massage!

A Pair of Flags







Using a pair of flags at the entrance of a building or marquee at an event creates a great display. Creating an impactful and Grande entrance for your visitor.

Row of Flags







Placing sets of flags in a row is becoming increasingly popular, we generally see customers using between 3 and 4 flags. The number used will depend on the area within which you are promoting your message. This method has been used with great impact on garage forecourts taking advantage of drive on bases.

Set of Gradient Flags



Flags are available in a variety of heights, customers have been taking advantage of this feature and using a set of varying sized flags in a row, creating a gradient effect. This is especially impactful if used in the lead up to an area of interest – such as an entrance way.

Varying the message

When using multiple flags, customers most commonly repeat the same message, we have started to see customers change their message slightly from one flag to the next telling a story as you go a-long the line of flags. This could also include a simple colour change within your brand’s palate to add variety.

Within flagdisplays you can easily interchange between the different shapes of flags whether it is a rectangle, teardrop, feather flag, choose your choice of flag that suits your message and branding best, don’t forget to keep your message simple – or even to just your logo.

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