5 Tips to Help Prepare your team for Their next Event

People workingYou have been planning your event for weeks, the stand is ready, your literature is printed and you have piles of branded sweets to give away. You are ready to go! But have you remembered the most important element of your stand, your event team? If you are a multinational company or a charity fundraising it still applies. We have pulled together 5 hints to ensure you have a happy professional event team.

Be Informed

Make sure your team understands the objectives of your event, what you are trying to achieve and who you are trying to talk to. Most importantly make sure they know your products and services. The more they understand, the more confident they will feel, the more likely you are to achieve your objectives.

Be Part of the Team

Having a clear visual identify for your brand is important, it shouldn’t end with your stand. Make sure the team understand the dress code. If they are expected to wear uniforms make sure everyone has a smart well fitting uniform available.

Be Engaging 

When on a stand it is the team’s responsibility to interact with visitors, there is a fine line between being over baring and scaring someone away and ignoring possible interested parties. Get them to look for cues if someone is looking at your products ask them if they need help –simple I know but we were at an event last month and we were practically ignored by some stand staff. Grabbing random passers-by is a bridge too far, not everyone is going to be interested in your product.

Be Professional

While on the stand, your team are a reflection of your brand as a result they should be professional at all times. Common mistakes that people make on stands at events include eating, drinking, chatting to colleagues and being on the phone. Not only do these things not look professional but they are also a blocker to engagement, if an attendee wants to talk to a member of staff and they are on the phone in a majority of cases they will walk to the competitor next door where someone actually wants to talk to them.

Be Comfortable

Events are hard work, you are on your feet all day, talking to hundreds of people a day. Think about how you can ensure that your staff members stay fresh. If your event is over a number of days is it best to get a hotel near the event rather than having to complete a long journey every morning and night. Make sure team members are able to leave the stand at regular intervals to have their lunch or go for a bit of fresh air.

Whatever happens at your event have fun!

Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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