Advertising Banners for Outside

Muddy feildThe kids have gone back to school and the parents back to work and there’s a whiff of autumn in the air. With cold mornings, and evenings getting shorter this shouldn’t send shivers down your spine and leave you wanting to hibernate indoors. For those of you brave enough there are loads of outdoor events that continue all the way through the winter.

Here’s our handy guide on the products we have on offer for the outdoor exhibiting enthusiast, whether it’s traditional Christmas Markets or regular outdoor events here we will show you the products we have on offer and their benefits.

Outdoor Banners

Now that the summer is waving its last goodbye we say hello to the football season. Clubs and stadiums have been quiet for the summer but now it’s time to get the kit out and back on the pitch. This is where the Express Displays Outdoor Banners are great for sponsorship at grounds. A lot of smaller local clubs will allow sponsorship around the edge of the ground for a minimal fee and the Outdoor Banner is a great product to be used here. The banner is printed on durable PVC meaning that it will not fade and nor will the colours run. The banner has eyelets all around the edges so can be tied securely in most weathers.

Other great uses for Outdoor banners include one off outdoor events like fundraising fun runs where you can add a lightweight durable sign for the duration of the event that can come down after the event and be used over and over again when required.

Outdoor Banner Stands
If you are exhibiting outdoors, then it might feel tempting to take your indoor banner stand outdoors, after all what harm could it do? Unfortunately, it could do a lot of harm to your display and could mean having to purchase new banners before you really want to. Indoor banner stands just aren’t cut out for light gusts of wind, unstable ground conditions and that dreaded black cloud that threatens rain.

Outdoor banner stands are printed using durable PVC graphics to laugh in the face of rain and have either extra wide feet, or a stabilising base to withstand gusts of wind.

Outdoor Flags
Flags are the biggest form of outdoor advertising lately and they aren’t just for festivals and fetes. Outdoor Flags have become a popular best seller for restaurants, bars, shopping centres and even offices. If people will see somewhere from the outside then it’s being decorated by a flag gently blowing in the wind. Express Displays offer a range of flags in different shapes, sizes and costs so there really is something for everyone’s needs.

Large Outdoor A-Frames
If you’re looking for portable advertising then the Outdoor A Frame is an ideal solution. Express Displays offer wide A frame Banner stands in two sizes which comprise of a traditional eyeleted banner stand pulled taught around a fold out frame. These are ideal if you want to change the message on the banner. You could have two banners one for summer promotions and one for winter and keep the customers engaged with what’s available in store without having to spend a fortune on advertising. The frames are strong and sturdy and will last for years and are a worthwhile purchase for multiple uses.

Outdoor Pavement Signs
If you’re a retailer the summer months may not have made a difference to your footfall unless you are trading within the tourism industry. Retailers are popular throughout the year and many have money off events and sales to entice customers into their stores. If you are on a traditional high street and have pavement space outside then an outdoor pavement sign could be perfect for you. At Express Displays we offer two types of outdoor pavement sign. The simple A frame is a fold out stand that’s light weight yet strong. You can pop A1 posters in both sides meaning it’s easy to change the message on display for a low cost. The big benefit is when not in use the display folds flat and can be stored easily.

Our other outdoor pavement sign is the swing sign board which has a sturdy base that is easily filled with water or sand to give it more stability in stronger winds. The swing sign like the A Board accepts A1 posters so makes an easy addition to your shop front.

Whatever your outdoor event needs Express Displays can help with your promotional materials at affordable prices for quality products.

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