Affordable Places to Take the Kids

Parents are constantly on the lookout for affordable places to take the little ones, and with a bit of inspiration from the suggestions below, a day filled with fun, and a little education, can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Into the woods

One of the most glorious aspects of living in the UK means there’s never a wood very far from your door.  The kids can get a chance to look for insects, build dens or have a picnic, all at the cost of absolutely nothing! If you want to find the nearest woods to you, just visit the Woodland Trust site here. To add an educational element that the kids will love, print off this animal track guide and tick off the animal tracks you can find. Why not get the kids to make their own list, for those children that can’t write yet them to draw pictures of the things they need to spot.

Childs play

Never do children’s smiles beam brighter than when they are immersed in a ball pool or seeing if they can deflate a bouncy castle by jumping dangerously close to the pump. An indoor play centre is the perfect affordable day out. It also offers parents a chance to relax in the cafe and easily keep a watchful eye on the kids as they meet new friends over a good old fashioned ball fight.

The beach

Water and sandcastles – what more does a child need? The beach is a great way to spend the day with the family, and with an ice cream likely to be the only expenditure, this option ticks all the boxes – for parents as well as the children.

Rescue centres

Animals, kids love the things. As a farm can be relatively costly, a cheaper animal alternative is to visit a local rescue centre. To find rescue centres in your area, visit this site.  Many of the larger centres will be have events in the holidays from dog shows through to garden shows, giving your kids the chance of some furry fun. Just try not to come home with an animal!
An aquarium

An aquarium

You might think that aquariums can be slightly costly. However, Kelloggs are currently doing a great promotion where grown-ups go free, so the only cost is the kids!

The kids will be in absolute awe at the marine life on display and parents will not be far behind. Sharks, stingrays, grouper fish and a host of other animals are on show for everyone to enjoy, often while walking through a purpose built tunnel. As well as being one of the best, this is also perhaps the most expensive option, but in terms of value for money, you cannot go wrong. It’s most certainly an experience every kid should have.

The local library

With local libraries providing children’s activities like family story-times, rhymetimes and homework clubs, libraries are an ideal choice for the kids. At rhymetime, toddlers can sing-a-long to their favourite rhymes, make noises with instruments and do some mark making with fellow budding artists. Older children can surf the web and choose from the huge selection of books. To find your local library simply visit the following link. Some events you will need to book in advance, this week our local library is offering a Frozen party, suitable for ages up to 11, unfortunately I didn’t get our names down quick enough

So there you have it – a few suggestions for a day out on a budget. Enjoy!



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