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Step and Repeat

What is Step and Repeat? Step and repeat is a repeated logo pattern – the logos are presented in a straight line or consistent line, with each subsequent line being indented so that the pattern is staggered. You do also see examples of designs where the logos are aligned vertically and horizontally. The design will…

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Choosing the right display for events

The best backdrops aren’t always the biggest. It’s all about choosing the right stand for you. You may be wondering: “Which backdrop is right for me?” Below, we’ve listed out all kinds of backdrops for use in exhibitions, events and retail areas – all with unique benefits of their own. See which backdrop is right…

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Post-Show Activity Checklist

So, you’ve planned for your exhibition with a comprehensive pre-show checklist. But is there a plan in place to review how well you performed? If performance isn’t reviewed and compared to the objectives that were set, you won’t be able to understand whether the event really was successful. Below, we’ve set out a handy checklist…

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11 Step Exhibition Planning Checklist

When it comes to exhibition and event planning, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” couldn’t be more true. Preparation is key. The more thorough you are with preparation, the more successful you are likely to be – and the fewer, potentially costly, mistakes you are likely to make. No-one’s perfect, and even…

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5 of the very best creative floor advertising ideas

Looking for amazingly creative floor advertising ideas to get your juices flowing? We’ve searched the web to bring you five examples from businesses that show the very best of floor sticker advertising. Read on to feel inspired by these examples…   1. Put people in the picture This ski scene turns an inconspicuous and let’s face…

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Something Kinda OOH: What Is Out Of Home Advertising?

Offline promotional campaigns are generally considered secondary to the juggernaut that is online advertising. In fact, if you’re deciding on one or the other, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. The potential reach of online advertising campaigns can be phenomenal. Nonetheless, offline advertising is making somewhat of a comeback (albeit with a modern, digital twist) –…

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