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Real Versus Fake Photography Backdrops – Can you tell the difference?

Photography backdrops are pretty realistic, right? We’re going to put some of ours to the test. Below, we’ve taken general in-situ photographs using photography backdrops made by us. We’ve also taken very similar photographs using ‘real’ or natural backgrounds. The challenge? We want to see if you can tell the difference… Fruit bowl collection Is…

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5 easy ways to be more productive

So, you’re looking to find out how to become more productive. Chances are, you’re procrastinating already, right? Here are a few tips to help you get more done, in less time: 1. Don’t overdo it The worst thing to do is take on too much work. Your focus will stray away from priorities, tasks turn…

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Flag Sizes – Dimensions Guide

If you’ve decided a flag is what you’re after to promote your marketing messages, you’ll need to know what size flag best suits you. Below, we’ve created a handy guide that explains the different types of flags we have available along with the relevant dimensions for each one to help you choose the best flag…

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Taking carbon emissions into our own hands

What is carbon offsetting? Carbon offsetting is a way of compensating for you or your organisations production of carbon dioxide with a CO2 saving scheme elsewhere. Some methods to compensate for your emissions include forest or other ecosystem restoration projects. This is exactly what we’re doing – we’ve funded a Reforestation project in Panama to…

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Pop up and roller banner sizes

When it comes to pop up banner sizes, there are so many options to choose from – thin, wide, 1000, 1500… Understanding all the technical jargon and knowing what size is right for you can be challenging, right? To help you understand exactly what each size means, and to find a roll up banner sized…

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11 ways to promote your new product or service

Promoting a new product or service is never easy. But it’s a challenge that shouldn’t be ignored. A clear, concise and well executed promotional plan can build the foundations for a successful new product launch and pave the way to business success. Whether you’re a new start-up, or an existing brand, check out our 11…

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