Choosing the right display for events

The best backdrops aren’t always the biggest. It’s all about choosing the right stand for you.

You may be wondering:

“Which backdrop is right for me?”

Below, we’ve listed out all kinds of backdrops for use in exhibitions, events and retail areas – all with unique benefits of their own. See which backdrop is right for you.



  1. Small space, small budget?
Pop up banners

Roller banners are the staple of indoor advertising. Featuring a retractable graphic that allows for super-fast assembling and packing away.

With an incredibly small footprint, roller banners are ideal for smaller stand spaces or at a conference used in conjunction with a counter and make great accompanying displays next to table top set ups or near entrances to retail stores.

  1. Looking to fill a slightly larger stand space?
Wide pull up banners

Wide banners typically range from 1 to 2 metres wide – making great photographic backdrops for stands of similar sizes. These banners also feature retractable graphics that neatly roll into the base to make transportation simple and stress free.

Wide pull up banners are ideal as logo backwalls for photograph opportunities. The large graphic area allows for step and repeat branding and thanks to being so portable, you can take this backdrop wherever you go.

  1. Have plenty of floor space and looking for a large backdrop?
Pop up display stand

At just over two metres tall, pop up stands are immediately what springs to mind when you say “exhibition stand.”

With a sturdy lattice frame structure, they can be assembled fairly easily and are great for more crowded areas. There’s also the option to bundle up with a transport case that doubles up as a counter for lead taking and product demonstrations!

What’s even more impressive is the ability to pack everything away into the wheeled case for easy transportation.

Available in a curved or straight shape, sizes start from 3×2 – but don’t get caught out, that isn’t a reference to 2 metres by 3 metres. It refers to the lattice pop up framework and how many ‘squares’ you can see when it’s fully assembled. In this instance 3×2 refers to 2 grids wide by 3 grids in height.

  1. Small footprint with a large graphic area.
Fabric display stand

Fabric display stands are a great new alternative to traditional pop up displays like the curved and straight stands.

Why fabric displays?

  • Lightweight fabric graphic
  • Seamless backwall display
  • Easy assembling numbered frame

The main difference with fabric displays is how lightweight the frame and graphic are. Assembling fabric displays also takes a very speedy five minutes – the fabric graphic simply pulls over the frame and zips closed to create a tension fit seamless display.

Artwork is printed directly onto the fabric graphic using a technique called dye-sublimation. This means the ink is pressed into the fabric itself.

Thanks to the graphics being printed in this way, you can machine wash and iron these fabric graphics using a cool setting – keeping your display looking as good as new, for longer.

  1. Hired a shell scheme space?
Shell Scheme Graphics

Hired a shell scheme space for your next event? Shell scheme graphics will cover the walls using rollable PVC graphic panels to create a cost effective wall display.

These panels are covered with magnetic or velcro fastenings so they can be attached to the walls.

As standard, graphics are printed 2400mm high by 1000mm wide but custom sizes are also available.