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Backdrops for exhibitions

So, you have an exhibition coming up and you know that you want to fill the backwall with your branding. But where do you start?

Here are our top 4 ways you can create a backwall.

1.       Wide pull up banners

Bolt-2000Wide banners are typically between 1 metre and 2 metres wide which make them great backdrops. With simple pull up graphics, they’re easy to assemble and have a small footprint.

With simple pull up graphics, they’re easy to assemble and have a small footprint.

2.       Curved pop up stands

3x3-curve-kit (3)A curved pop up is a classic display stand. Standing at over 2m tall, it’s what immediately springs to mind for most when you say “exhibition stand”.

With a sturdy lattice frame structure, they can be assembled fairly easily and are great for more crowded areas. Some also come with a transport case that doubles up as a counter for lead taking and product demonstrations.

Sizes start from 2×3 – but don’t get caught out, that isn’t a reference to 2 metres by 3 metres. It refers to the lattice pop up framework and how many ‘squares’ you can see when it’s fully assembled. 2×3 stands are typically around 2 metres wide and 2 metres tall. It’s always worth checking out the ‘assembled dimensions’ section before purchasing.

3.       Straight pop up stands

2x3 straight pop up kitJust like it’s curved cousin, the straight pop up creates a great backwall display if you’re a bit strapped for space. It can be placed right against the wall to really maximise the space you have available. It also creates a slightly bigger graphic area as the structure is not curved but follows the same sizing guide as traditional pop ups.

4.       Fabric displays

Pronto-horizontal (3)Fabric display stands are a great new alternative to traditional pop up displays like the curved and straight. They’re super lightweight and easy to assemble like fitting a pillow over a frame.

The graphic is printed directly onto fabric using a technique called dye-sublimation which presses the ink into the fabric. This means it can be machine washed and creates a high-quality image which will not fade or crack over time.




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