How to cheat at making your own chalkboard sign

Chalkboards are fun, quirky and highly effective marketing signs… but do you know how can you create your own amazing graphics?

We’ve all seen those funny chalkboards on the streets with gorgeous – even enviable handwriting.

You may be thinking that the only way you can be inspired by them to use for yourself is to hire a sign writer… but you’d be wrong.

You can write them yourself, even if you have rubbish handwriting, or a limited budget.

Here’s a quick and easy way you can cheat at making stunning designs yourself.

How to make a chalkboard signChoose your design

Choose the fonts you want to use for your chalkboard display. The bolder the better to grab attention. The best fonts to use on chalkboards are personal ‘handwriting’ style fonts, or 2 fonts that complement each other.

Mix up the fonts that you use using this handy guide by Canva on font pairing. Although originally created as a document for print and online based font pairings, you can still get the gist of how different fonts work well together, such as tall fonts with short fonts and swirly with straight.

Getting a font pairing right can really draw attention from afar and break up your design. It also puts more emphasis on the word that’s different.

You can then use Word, or any other application to create your design and print black on white paper. Just make sure your design is the size you need it!

Got it?

Transfer your design

Rub chalk all over the back of the paper and cellotape it, with the design facing outwards onto your chalkboard.

Trace over the design carefully, which will transfer the chalk from the paper to the chalkboard.

Remove the paper carefully.

Make it bold

You’ll see that a faint design has been transferred to your chalkboard! Go over this with more chalk, or chalk pens /paint until you’re happy with the design.

You can use water on paper towels, sponges or cotton buds to refine your design… just make sure that the water doesn’t drip down the design else it’ll be ruined!

Bask in your glory

Place your finished design in the sunshine and be proud that you’ve created a masterpiece!




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