3 Floor Sticker Uses to Help your Business Stay Covid Secure

We have seen a wide range of businesses buying Floor Stickers to help create a COVID secure work place for staff and customers.

Floor stickers are being used in a number of different ways. Below, we have pulled together the 3 most common uses for floor stickers.

  1. Directional Floor Stickers

Directional floor stickers help businesses guide people through their premises.

We have seen them being used by small and larger retailers as well as a number of schools and councils.

By implementing directional floor stickers you are able to help people keep a safe distance from others walking in the opposite direction.

The footprint floor stickers are very popular in schools. We have even sold a number of paw print stickers for vets and pet shops.

  1. Wait Here Floor Stickers

“Wait Here” Floor Stickers are another popular floor sticker. These are really useful when managing queing systems – at the entrance of a building or at counters while waiting to pay or collect goods.

Pubs and restaurants also use “stand here” stickers for staff members to use to protect themselves and patrons while serving tables.

  1. Partition Floor Stickers

These are thin strips of floor stickers that can be used to section off designated areas.

We have seen these being used in factories so team members know where to position themselves while working on production lines.

They can also be used to create safe areas around counters so that other people do not get too close.

Safe Distance social distancing floor sticker

Benefits of Floor Stickers

  • Can be used on different floor surfaces, even outside.
  • Laser cut which allows for a variety of shapes and sizes to be made.
  • Printed with a non-slip and anti-scuff laminate making them durable.
  • Simple to install and remove once they have come to the end of their useful life.
  • Cost effective floor sign solution.

Let us know if you have any interesting designs that you would like to share with us.

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