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Artistic Sounds – Creative Album Covers

There are many different factors that can influence the sales figures of particular items – most notably how they are advertised.

Virtually all products and services are now advertised using visual representations. Using creativity to sell your business through paintings, artwork, visual adverts, exhibitions and videos can be a crucial way of getting yourself noticed.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at how visual aids and creative ads can entice people to buy products by reviewing some of the most artistic album covers ever produced. We bet you’ve heard of most, if not all of these albums before and that is more than likely due in some part to their artistic covers.

The Beatles, Abbey Road 


Arguably one of the most iconic album covers of all time, The Beatles proved that creativity doesn’t always have to mean complicated with Abbey Road.

The quintessentially British scene immediately endeared itself to the paying public who found it both familiar and comforting while small details such as John’s white suit and Paul’s bare feet gave it a vital edge.

The unison of the stride cannot be ignored either and achieves a simple yet undeniably powerful effect that compels you to find out more about this image and what it is selling.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, It’s Blitz 


Another beautifully simplistic album cover, Yeah Yeah Yeahs captured the nuances of motion perfectly in this shot which instantly captivates with its coy use of colour and basic layout.

Depicting an egg being crushed within a single nail-painted hand, it merges the crisp white background with the messy foreground image perfectly to suggest that the music which lies within is equally capable of bursting forward.

Aside from the subtle dark red nail varnish on the model’s hand and the bright yellow yolk of the egg, there is no colour in this cover but that doesn’t stop the essence of the motion being captured with the definition of the egg white both crisp and bold.

Nirvana, Nevermind 


An album cover that needs no introduction, Nirvana’s breakthrough album is as memorable for the baby on the cover as it is for the music it contained.

Depicting a baby swimming towards a dollar bill attached to a fishhook, the attraction of this creative cover lies in its ambiguous meaning. Kurt Cobain was reluctant to explain the meaning behind the design and so it remains something of a mystery to this day.

The relatively simple design is also key here. Rather than having too much going on, designer Robert Fisher chose to photograph the baby – arms stretched – in a simple sea of blue water. The dollar bill was added in editing and positioned just out of reach with the fish hook almost transparent and the writing of the album name mimicking that of waves.

Metallica, Black Album 


In a striking move that proved to be a resounding success, Metallica released an album with a cover that was virtually blank. Intriguing to the eye and instantly captivating, it achieved the desired result and is considered one of their most influential outputs.

The album cover itself is plain black – a much kinder colour choice than white when going for such a stark look and one that works well with the genre of the music – and depicts only a faintly drawn coiled snake in the bottom right corner.

The album itself has no name, being affectionately dubbed the Black Album by fans.

Rammstein, Mutter 


While the band themselves may have divided opinions quite spectacularly, there is no denying that this cover is breathtakingly influential. Depicting a close-up image of an unborn foetus, the image is most memorable for its incredible detail.

The image itself actually dominates the whole cover with the band and album names appearing only if very small font at the top right. Subtle details such as the eyelashes on the baby’s closed eyes and the slightly parted lips give the photo a realistic depth that makes you want to reach out and touch it.

As haunting as it is beautiful, the image was a perfect match for the music as was the name of the album which translates into English as ‘mother’.


If this post has got you feeling creative, why not create an eye catching motivational message for your business? Or check out our Creative Album Covers Pinterest board for more covers like these.

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