Designing an outdoor display flag

Display flags are perfect for attracting the attention of passing trade to your exhibition stand, event or even your premises. As flags are available in a variety of heights, they are perfect for attracting people’s attention in busy areas or from a distance as they are above head height.

When designing your display flag, you need to take the following points into consideration:-

• People may be passing your flag in a car
• People may be in a busy area surrounded by people
• Flags will be viewed from a distance
• Flags are agile and move in the wind
• The background to a flag could be a blue sky, a green field or the side of a building

As a result of these factors, we feel that flag design is most effective when the following has been taken into consideration:-

• Keep the information on your flag to a minimum, include elements such as your logo, name or web address.
• Make sure your flag contrasts to its background, if it doesn’t stand out it won’t be effective

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Express Displays Marketing Manager

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