Exhibition Stand Ideas we like from Japan

As steadfast and successful businessmen and women, we are dedicated to our businesses and work hard to ensure their future growth and sustainability. Sometimes, we can even be fanatical about our exhibition stands and how they relate to our potential customers. But would you believe that there are people even more fanatical than us when it comes to exhibition stands and how they relate in their trade shows?

Taking a look at Japan it’s fair to say that they go beyond the typical brand awareness and engagement tactics you might have used in the past. Handing out logoed shirts, stationary, and other ‘fun’ freebies just isn’t enough any more.



‘Fun’ freebies might not be enough to draw the public in but they can definitely help you make some money…


It’s all about maximising the value of your trade show stand

How can you draw more potential clients to your displays and, when you get them there, how can you convert them into sales? And what about the potential clients that don’t become a sale? How can a company still make a profit from them?

Some companies are going so far as to offer needed trade show products or services for a nominal fee. Some stands have even been known to charge visitors for a trade show bag with their logo on it. It sounds crazy but people have brought into it.

Ideas we love

Some Japanese exhibition design companies are being asked to include beds and makeshift homes in the exhibition stand so that staff can sleep there overnight and wake up refreshed and energised, ready to sell the next day. This would certainly be nice but, would your staff take to it and how much more would you have to pay them to staff overnight?
Could it be cheaper than a hotel room?

What about the businesses that are including full scale mobile offices and shipping departments into their exhibition stands?
This makes it much easier for the potential customer to agree to a sale on the spot when they know they can finalise it and see the products being invoiced for shipping right in front of them.

Other ideas we’ve seen are stands that include massage stations and ‘relaxing’ lounges that offer busy show attendees the chance to unwind, have a drink or two, and contemplate the rest of their day.

Ideas to attract attention

You’ll also find an array of interactive stands that may have nothing at all to do with the products or brand but, they attract the attention of the passerby to get them to stop and listen to the sales pitch. Some of these stands include fashion shows, rock climbing walls, video games and virtual reality stations among other things.

Imagine stopping by a stand and immediately being handed a drink and a game controller BEFORE they even try to sell you something. This is something that is happening across many Asian trade shows and it’s quickly becoming the trend here in the UK and Europe.
Businesses are looking for new ways to make themselves stand out in the crowd of competitors all offering the same thing.

How do you stand out?

Utilise some of the most over the top marketing methods you can think of and take a chapter from Japan’s business playbook.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your customer more than they bargained for to make a successful sale. As long as it doesn’t end up costing you more money in the end, why not shoot for the stars?

Remaining competitive in a sea of similarities can sound very daunting and it can be a challenge as the work involved with creating new and relevant marketing ideas, and then implementing them into your exhibition stand, seems never ending.

To take your business to the next level, make use of new and innovative marketing techniques that will show potential customers you’re different and that your business deserves a second look.
Use your imagination and get creative with those exhibition stand ideas. Who knows, you might just stumble onto the next big thing that will draw in more potential customers and increase your sales exponentially in the process.

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