Flag Sizes – Dimensions Guide

If you’ve decided a flag is what you’re after to promote your marketing messages, you’ll need to know what size flag best suits you.

Below, we’ve created a handy guide that explains the different types of flags we have available along with the relevant dimensions for each one to help you choose the best flag for your needs.

Flag Dimensions Guide

Flag shapes

Before deciding on a size, it might be worth choosing a shape you’re happy with.

There are a variety of shapes to choose from, including: feather, teardrop, crest and rectangular.

Not sure when it comes flag shapes and designs? See our comprehensive flag designs guide.

Printed Flag Sizes

Our assembled flag sizes

Now you’ve decided on a shape, it’s time to think about the size of flag you want to display. Below, we’ve listed the different sizes to choose from:

 A5 - 2 TiersA5 - 3 TiersA5 - 4 Tiers
Assembled height249mm218mm256mm
Assembled width166mm166mm166mm
Assembled depth118mm110mm155mm

To help put these flag sizes in perspective, here’s a handy table to compare:

 A4 - 2 TiersA4 - 3 TiersA4 - 4 Tiers
Assembled height285mm339mm345mm
Assembled width237mm237mm340mm
Assembled depth124mm155mm175mm
Outdoor Flag Comparison

Flags for indoor use

Believe it or not using flags indoors is incredibly popular! While the only limit to using flags indoors is the ceiling you’re displaying it in, choosing the right flag base is extremely important.

Some bases are simply not suitable for indoor use. The following flag bases are recommended for using with flags indoors:

  • Small or large crossbase. The crossbase is a neat lightweight base that suits all flag types. These can be coupled with a weighted ring for extra stability – but we recommend displaying these flags either to the side or back of your display set up – just so the base doesn’t get in the way of people walking.
  • Weighted square base. A slightly sturdier solution to the crossbase. This is more suited for displaying flags at the forefront of your stand – the extra weight on the base will prevent any knocks or bumps from toppling the flag over.
  • Drive on foot. Popular with garages and indoor car shows. As the name suggests, this base requires a car to have one of its tyres parked over it to keep the flag in place.
Indoor Flag Bases

Matching the right base to the right flag

For small and medium flags, the small cross base is suitable to support your flag. For use outdoors, just add a weighted ring. A ground spike is also ideal for outdoor use in soft ground, or a 400mm weighted base for use on flat, even surfaces.

For large and extra large sized flags, a large cross base will be suitable. Again, a weighted ring can be added for extra support when using outdoors. Other bases may be available on request – so just give us a call to find out!

Final thoughts

  1. Decide on a shape that takes your preference. Think about what you want to display on your flag – this should help decide what shape to choose.
  2. Decide what size you want to go for. Is your event indoors? Think about height restrictions.
  3. Now pick a suitable flag base to ensure your flag sets up and stays up all day long.
  4. Final step? Enjoy the view of your stunning flag like the one below…
Topdeck Travel

Have we missed anything? If you need information or help with your flags, we’ll be more than happy to assist you – give us a call today on 0808 271 3107.