Flag Spotting at Local Events

When you work for a banner stand company it is impossible to switch off and when you’re out and about it’s impossible to ignore the sight of a shiny new banner stand in use or an outdoor flag blowing in the wind. With the summer season still in full swing businesses and events up and down the country are flying their flags.

Whilst our resident writer at Express Displays was on holiday in Austria she couldn’t help but sneak a shot of the beautiful mountains and scenery with a flag gently blowing in the wind.

Advertising flags Austria

Then at Oundel at the start of the Women’s Tour of Britain cycling event in May a shot of the cycling was interrupted by a flag proudly flying for FriendsLife.

Oundle women's tour of british cycling flags


Then we had a field day at the Boardmasters surfing event in Newquay where it was a festival of outdoor flags.All proudly blowing in the wind highlights just how beneficial it is to have aflag aboveyour stall to capture the attention of passers-by. Here you can see SurfersAgainst Sewage, GoPro, The Royal Air Force and The Co-op are all jumping at the chance to fly the flag for their company.

Newquay surfing event flags


Lastly this is one of our favourite flags from TopDeck, right in front of Tower Bridge in London proving that flags aren’t just for festivals, conferences and outdoor events but can make a great impact for a variety of businesses including shop fronts, bars and restaurants.

Topdeck advertising flag


If you’re noticing flags at events like us then we’d love to see your pictures and we will share them on our Pinterest flags of fame board. Send your pictures to us at …

If you’re not yet in the club and need an outdoor advertising flag then you’re in the right place as Express Displays are proud to offer affordable options to businesses for all events.

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