How to Assemble your Roller Banner

So, you’ve just bought a fancy new roller banner – and you want to make sure you assemble it properly first time?

There shouldn’t be anything that puzzles you… so we’ve got your covered! Read our super easy step by step guide below:

How to assemble your roller banner

Roller banner assembly guide:

    1. Twist out the 2 support feet 45 degrees.


    1. Throw the base on the floor. The base needs to virtually stick to the ground, so put some muscle into it.


    1. The support pole is made up of 3 sections – slot them all or partly together. The choice is yours!


    1. Insert one end of the pole into the base. (Using your roller banner outside? As it’s perfectly suitable for outdoor use without the need for a purpose-built outdoor banner… just stick one end of the pole into the ground and anchor in place.)


    1. Pull the graphic from the base as fast as you can – the roller mechanism is built for speed.


    1. Finally, attach the graphic to the top of the pole, or if you can’t reach, puncture a hole through the graphic instead.


To pack away your roller banner, it’s worth releasing the tension from the banner at its highest point so it can pack away in less than a second.

How not to Assemble Roller Banners

Disclaimer: these steps will more than likely break your banner. Please don’t try anything listed above… your banner won’t like it.

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