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Location, Location, Location – Do’s and Don’ts

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to your event. From the design of your stand, what your staff will be wearing and even how you display the freebies you plan on giving out, every aspect of your display matters.

You may have thought about the smallest of details but, if you’re not in the right location, it’s highly unlikely that people will come your way and that’s even if they’ve seen you!

The location of your event could be the difference between whether or not you see a return on investment.


Research is key!

Do your research of the event in advance.

Which spots are likely to give you the best return and which have in the past?

Is a floor plan available? This will help you considerably as you’ll be able to see where the entrances are, for example. You can gauge where you’re likely to be easily spotted.

Perhaps you know people who have had a stand there before? Talk to them. What was their experience of the venue? Where do attendees tend to go first?

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to think about…

Entrance/ exit

DO: Take advantage of this area.
DON’T: Set up too close though. You risk being overlooked during very busy periods.

Food courts, lounge areas and toilets

DO: Try and situate yourself near these areas. When attendees leave them they are likely to be more relaxed which means they’ll probably have a look at your display. This could turn into leads.
DON’T: Pick the spot right next to these areas though. You risk being hidden by the crowds at peak times.

Talks and displays

DO: Try and get a space along the same aisle as a seminar or demonstration. You’ll likely get a lot of traffic just after as attendees make their way back.
DON’T: Set up too close to close the seminar rooms. You’ll be fighting to be seen through the crowd and heard over the speakers.

End of the aisle

DO: These spaces have a lot of traffic passing them meaning that your leads could increase considerably if you choose this spot. They also tend to be more open allowing attendees to walk right in.
DON’T: Others have said that this spot is bad for business as it usually sits on a cross aisle. Will attendees notice you as they try to make their way to the other side of the exhibition hall?


DO: Keep close to your competitors. You can expect a lot of traffic from prospective clients who want to find the best offer. You can also gain some intel on how competitors are progressing and what they’re doing to get clients, for example.
DON’T: Get too close though. You run the risk of losing out to a competitor if you‘re in the stand next door.

Dominant exhibitors

DO: Which exhibitors receive a lot of traffic year in, year out? Finding a spot near them could be helpful if you’re hoping to receive a lot of traffic.  More traffic means more leads.
DON’T: Do this if you’re stand is very quiet or will be holding a demonstration, for example. Too much noise and traffic could completely distract people from your stand and what you’re doing. The dominant exhibitor could lose you clients rather than gain you some.


DO: A corner stand could work if your display is eye catching and you already have a large following.
DON’T: Corners are risky though. There’s a big chance that you’ll be overlooked rather than receive a lot of attention, no matter how bold your display is.


Have you ever exhibited in one of these locations? How did it go? We’d love to know…


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