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Our Dashing new design tool

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new online design tool, allowing you to add your own text and images to a pre-designed Dash banner stand template free of charge.

We currently have five backgrounds to choose from including black, green, blue, red and white.

In true Blue Peter style, here’s one we made earlier…

Design your own banner stand tool how to use

Step 1: Add your graphics


Step 1 shows a full width image that has been uploaded. As a tip, the higher resolution the image, the better as your finished banner will be 800mm wide! Also, if your image is bigger than the image space, you will be given a crop box to crop your image down to the right size. This makes sure that your image will always fit into the template and give you a fantastically flawless design.


You can also upload your logo in the same fashion using the first uploader box.

No logo?

If you don’t have a logo, you can delete the placeholder image where a logo would go and add some text instead using the text editor (see below). Or you could even just leave it blank!

Step 2: Add your text


How to open the text editorStep 2 – and the image to the right – shows that you can add your own text to each section by clicking on the button that says ‘Open Editor’. This opens a ‘what you see is what you get’ style editor to add:


Headings sits above the main image to grab attention. We’d suggest something short and to the point… or even your company name if the name isn’t easily seen in your logo.

Large text box

The large text box can be used for your main messages. We’d suggest that you use this space to add a bulleted list of your unique selling points. Remember… people will only have a few seconds to look at your banner at an event or exhibition so less information is most definitely more!

Saying that, if you’re using your banner for museums as an information point where you expect people to stop and read, then adding more text may be beneficial. Just make sure that your text is large enough to read clearly.

Contact information

Remember to add your contact information including your email, phone and website if applicable.


In the editor, you can change the style of your text using the drop down options. This includes the colour, size, style and justification. You can even add bullet points, superscript and subscript text and more.

Step 3: Preview your banner


You can then preview your text with the rest of your banner design in the preview pane after you’ve selected ‘Save and Close’ in the text editor pane.


If you’re running out of time, you can save your design for a rainy day using a login to edit again another day, or you can go ahead and purchase through the design system.

Get started with designing your banner here!

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