New revolutionary, self-assembling banner stand

Express Exhibition Displays has invented a revolutionary new product set to take the exhibition industry by storm.

Called the Snap Banner Stand, they have made their vision of a self-assembling banner stand a reality.

Using patented technology inspired by ‘snap bands’, the banner is able to be fully assembled with minimal physical effort.

This new technology will be available in summer 2016.

Simple banner assembly

Using a prototype, Express Exhibition Displays have filmed an introductory video to show how simple assembly is using their patented technology:

Once fully erect, the display will stand up on its own, without the use of a support pole.The exhibitor simply puts their foot on the back stabilising foot of the Snap Banner Stand which acts as a pressure sensor and the banner graphic will neatly unroll.

This allows the exhibitor to fully assemble their display without much effort.

Head designer and chief inventor at Express Exhibition Displays, Adam P Leavitt explains its significance: “The Snap Banner Stand will revolutionise the future of exhibitions.

“Our experience has told us that hundreds of minutes are wasted at every exhibition while exhibitors assemble their own banners using poles and brute force. We also know that many people are at risk of injury due to incorrect assembly, harming both themselves and the banner in the process of assembly.

“The new Snap Banner Stand takes the pain out of assembling a banner, making a seamless transition with minimal effort. This will help exhibitors to be ready for their exhibition in minutes without feeling flustered.”

How does it work?

Slap BracletThis brand new, patented technology is made possible due to the following internal features:

New ‘Snap banner’ material inspired by 90’s bracelets

The banner material has an internal structure consisting of a layered, flexible stainless steel bi-stable spring, allowing it to form a rigid structure when the banner passes out of the base where it is flexed to form a rigid structure. This new technology has been inspired by popular ‘snap bracelets’ of the 90’s.

The internal snap structure is then covered by a banner graphic to hide the layered system.

When the banner graphic is unassembled, it ‘snaps’ back into the base, just like a snap bracelet being wrapped around a wrist.

Battery powered motor

With the use of a small battery motor hidden in the base, the unrolling of the graphic is then automated, simulating somebody gently pulling on the top of the banner.

This allows a banner stand to be fully assembled without the use of a support pole and without any physical effort.

When will it be available?

This new technology will be uniquely available to Express Exhibition Displays in summer 2016.

Due to high expected interest, a waiting list of VIP testers will be created from those who tweet us @EEDisplays to tell us they’d like to be on our Snap VIP list.

April Fools!

Of course, this stunt was the carefully constructed dream of Express Exhibition Displays as an April Fools for 2016. Although what a good idea! Did you fall for it?

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    • guy.wenham

      Hiya Josie!

      Unfortunately it was just an April Fools. Sorry about that 😉 We wish it was real! Caused some real great interest today.


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