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How to design the best flag [Free PDF Guide]

We’ve made flag design easy. See our guide below or download the PDF to read later. Table of content – Introduction – How to create the perfect flag design – Use of text – Use of colour – Use of logos – Things to avoid on your flag designs – Single sided flags – Double…

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Step and Repeat

What is Step and Repeat? Step and repeat is a repeated logo pattern – the logos are presented in a straight line or consistent line, with each subsequent line being indented so that the pattern is staggered. You do also see examples of designs where the logos are aligned vertically and horizontally. The design will…

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Charity Fundraising Ideas in the Workplace

Raising money for charity can be difficult at times. But what if we told you a carefully thought out plan can help make better use of your time to reach your fundraising goals? This year we have set up a new charity committee and we’re excited to tell you of our plans as well as…

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How to Assemble your Roller Banner

So, you’ve just bought a fancy new roller banner – and you want to make sure you assemble it properly first time? There shouldn’t be anything that puzzles you… so we’ve got your covered! Read our super easy step by step guide below: Roller banner assembly guide: Twist out the 2 support feet 45 degrees….

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Do I Need Planning Permission For Outdoor Pavement Signs?

The modern high street is a dog eat dog, competitive world. You only have to consider the fate of Blockbuster and Woolworths to appreciate this. For many small and medium sized businesses, outdoor pavement signs can be an extremely worthwhile investment to outshine the competition. However, there is some red tape and admin associated with…

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Real Versus Fake Photography Backdrops – Can you tell the difference?

Photography backdrops are pretty realistic, right? We’re going to put some of ours to the test. Below, we’ve taken general in-situ photographs using photography backdrops made by us. We’ve also taken very similar photographs using ‘real’ or natural backgrounds. The challenge? We want to see if you can tell the difference… Fruit bowl collection Is…

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