Part 1: Memorable Corporate Stunts – What Lessons can we learn?

Corporate stunts are fun to watch and, arguably, a must-have in this age of social media and fast-paced consumerism.
In part one of this two-part series, we take a look at five memorable corporate stunts and look at the lessons exhibition marketers can learn from them…

LG – Ultra HD Stunt

LG staged an interview in Chile and invited innocent people to come along. What these interviewees didn’t realise though, was that the window they were sat in front of was actually an 82 inch Ultra HD TV. The view from the window turned from pleasant skies to a meteor crashing into the cityscape.

LG wanted to show just how real their technology made things appear.

The Lesson?
Let your offer do the talking. The best sales pitch in the world has nothing on showing what your product, service or offer can truly do.

Ikea – The Climbing Wall


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Ikea might be more famous for flatpack furniture than they are for corporate stunts but, the Swedish retailer showed that they were more than willing to adapt when it came to promoting their 30th store opening in France.

Creating a nine metre high climbing wall out of their furniture was the perfect way to show off their products and create more interest in the brand.

The Lesson?
Show your offer in an exciting way. There’s a big chance that your offer, or one like it, has been seen before. By thinking of engaging ways to show it off, you keep it fresher for longer… and become a brand to remember.

Red Bull – Felix Baumgartner Jumps from Space

Nobody pulls off the outrageous like Red Bull.  From crazed wingsuit flights to beautifully created biking stunts, they place themselves firmly at the heart of the action. But nothing speaks of their willingness to push the limits like the hair-raising leap from the edge of space by Felix Baumgartner in 2012.

The Lesson?
Don’t be afraid to take risks – embrace them. Sometimes, taking big risks is the only way to reach your audience.

Uber – Kitten Delivery

UberKITTENS has run in both the US and Australia and provides 15 minutes of cuddly kitten time to Uber users for a small fee. Even though the kittens were up for adoption in most cities at the time and all money raised was given to charity, there were a few people who complained in the name of animal rights…

The Lesson?
You can’t please everyone. It doesn’t matter how great your idea and its delivery; somebody will always be unhappy. The important thing here is how you deal with that person. We advise grace, tolerance, and a fixed smile because, somebody will always complain.

Disney – The Disney Character Shopping Stunt

Disney had some of their most popular characters hidden behind a silhouetted screen in a shopping centre, ready to interact with all who passed by.
Not only did it stamp down the brand’s visibility and recognition of their characters but, it engaged the audience and let them know how much fun Disney could offer.

The Lesson? 
Be interactive! An event isn’t just an opportunity to show something to people – it’s a chance for them to interact with it, and you with them. Be friendly, approachable, and fun to experience. And make sure your event is too.

Check back next week for part two of Memorable Corporate Stunts – What Lessons can we Learn?

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