Planning for Change

Change. If it is a planned change to your marketing communications programme or an unexpected change part way through a campaign it happens to us all. Understanding the impact that it has on your displays will make coping with it less challenging.

A wide range of display products will enable you to change your display graphic quickly and simply. Although not as expensive as buying an entirely new display unit, replacing a graphic may have an associated cost. I will be taking a look at the kinds of displays that may be right for you depending on budget and the frequency with which you change your message.

High frequency changing messages
You know that your headline message is going to change on a regular basis, for example you are promoting the weekly specials menu, event or weekly deal. As a result you need a message that you can change quickly, simply and at little costs.

Pavement signs, poster frames and display boards are perfect for this, you can simply remove the existing message and replace it with the new one. Depending on the size of your display you can print your posters yourself, most office based printers will print up to A3. A local printer will happily print an A3 or A0 poster for less than £10.

If you want your message to stay around for a little longer then you can do that too. Pavement signs and poster frames have plastic covers in front of the posters to protect them from ware and tear. Display boards can be packed away with their posters still attached.

Don’t forget, if you are using a display board then we would advise that you attach your information using hook fasteners and not pins which can permanently damage the board.

Regularly changing messages
You know that your message is going to change but it is going to be on a monthly or quarterly basis. For example if you have a season message such as Christmas menus or this seasons latest trends.

At the point of assembly of a tension banner stand the graphic is fixed to the front. This means that you can change the graphic whenever you want. It will cost approximately £38 to replace the graphic.

In theory as the graphic is added each time you assemble your display it could be included in the high frequency message change product category, but as there will be an associated cost I would advise it for a less frequent changes unless budget allows.

6 monthly to yearly message change
If you are looking to develop your display in line with your strategy, product or service changes then you could consider a popup display stand in addition to those products already mentioned.

As with the tension banner stands the graphics attach to the display each time it is assembled. You can reprint 1 panel of the display, or all of the panels. This will cost from £35 per panel in total for a new set of 4 will be from £140.

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