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Post-Show Activity Checklist

In our last blog, we gave you a Post-show Activity Checklist to help you be as organised as possible, to help you get the most out of your show and to make it work as effectively as possible for you. Now we move on to your post-show activity.

If you don’t review how you performed, you won’t be able to understand whether the event really was a success. However much it may have felt that your exhibition stand was a great success, and however many visitors you attracted to your site, you need to make time to sit down and properly review what actually happened. Then you need to work out your next steps to achieve the full benefit of having been there in the first place.

So here is our checklist for your post-show wash up meeting:

1. Review your overall financial performance

Calculate your ROI
This should be based on sales and/or lead values, according to your goal target.

Event profit/loss
Calculate the full cost of attending the show, including stand, staffing, refreshments and marketing collateral. Measure it against income generated from the show. This is a fairly straightforward process if you were selling products, but may be a long term measurement of sales leads generated from the event.

How many sales did the event generate, and how many post-event sales were generated? This is likely to be more long term, as leads and enquiries should continue to arrive after the event.

2. Review your segmented performance

Stand performance
Try to gauge the impact of your stand and how well you think it performed. Remain as objective as you can. Consider areas like competitors, and PR/marketing generated by the stand – best stand competitions for example, or if it was used in publicity photos.

Site visitors
Try to make an informed assessment of footfall onto your stand in comparison to your competitors. This will almost certainly be a ‘best guess’, but you will have some kind of feel for how busy you were. Then estimate the quality of those visitors, including what percentage converted into sales on the day or generated good leads.

Staff performance
Did your staff perform as expected, better, or worse? Were they well prepared and did they know what they were doing, or did they need assistance during the course of the event.

Other areas
Are there other areas you feel you need to consider?

3. Plan your future sales and marketing activity

Review and prioritise leads
Go through all the leads from the event. Sub-divide them into priorities according to how likely you think they are to convert into sales. Leave the least likely to convert until the end, targeting the ‘hot’ leads first to make sure you contact them whilst they still remember you clearly.

Update your mailing lists, customer database and email targets
Add all new leads to your CRM for future contact, identifying how/if they wish to be contacted.

4. Areas for improvement for next show

Finally, be honest with yourself and your team performance. Create a list of things you could have done better and what improvements you will put in place before your next event. You should also consider, here, whether or not the event itself was worthwhile and whether you will exhibit there again.

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