Displays you’ll love as much as we do

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to show a little love and appreciation to our very own Express Exhibition Displays family.We love displays

Most loved

Without a doubt, our Dash Roller Banner Stand is our stand out product, the George Clooney of Express Exhibition Displays. It’s sleek and dashing. As far as pull up banner stands go, this one rarely puts a foot wrong, which is why we all love it so much.

New love

One of our latest additions to our family of products is our Pop up kits with screen mounts. Our pop up kits already come with a case that transforms into a counter quicker than Superman in a telephone box. All you need to do is add a graphic wrap and a counter top and you’d never know it was a transport case. The kit already also includes light, bringing a bit of brightness to even the dullest corners of an event hall. What else could we possible add to make it better? A screen mount.

This lovely bit of kit can help you add a flatscreen to your pop up that seemingly floats on the display – great for adding engaging content like videos and slideshows to your already amazing display to catch attention and help you drive more sales.

Underloved and Overlooked

Deep down, we know we love Hook Fasteners.

We just forget to tell them as often as we should.

Without them to hold up your display, our boards, fabric pop up display stands and fabric banners wouldn’t be half the products they are.

We also know that our packs of hook fastener coins are an instant hit with everybody who uses them as it saves your scissors from becoming clagged with adhesive goop from cutting up long strips (anybody who has been tasked with this will understand the pain).

They are very much loved, but very much under valued. So go on, show them a bit of love this Valentine’s Day.

Unrequited Love

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride – spare a thought for our poor, unloved literature stands.

They sit there so quietly, the undeniable support act behind the flashier brochures and pamphlets.

Always there for us, but we never even notice them.

Reliable Stand-In

You know the scenario.

You’ve been invited to an amazing red carpet event at the last minute and need to find the perfect ‘plus one’ to impress the paparazzi. Fast.

These are our branded printed tablecloths. Good looking, reliable and available at short notice. They’re often overlooked for the products or displays that sit so elegantly on top of them, but we know they secretly deserve the spotlight too!

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