Shell Scheme Guide

Shell scheme can be a confusing term if you’re new to exhibitions and events.

But what is a shell scheme? How does it work?

Below, our handy guide will go into detail about everything shell scheme and what this industry term means for you.

What is a shell scheme?

Many exhibitions and events are hosted in large venues. It’s common to see these large spaces within these venues divided up into smaller modular areas for exhibitors to work in.

A shell scheme is essentially one of these smaller modular areas – typically featuring a white wall cladding.

Branding your shell scheme space

Freestanding displays can be used to brand your shell scheme space – but shell scheme graphic panels offer a cost-effective and space saving alternative.

Shell scheme graphics take up no floor space, as they are graphic panels that simply attach to the walling within the shell scheme space.

This frees up valuable floor space to use for other freestanding displays such as counters for lead taking or giving away promotional freebies.

Shell scheme graphic options

Choose between PVC graphic panels, or corrugated card graphics.

Our PVC shell scheme graphics are rollable – meaning they can be stored in our optional graphic tubes. Each tube can hold up to 6 graphics. The tubes will ensure your graphics are safe and can be transported with ease, with minimal risk of damage to the panels.

The card options provide a lightweight, environmentally and budget alternative if you’re looking to get larger quantities. They are also supplied folded in cardboard boxes to allow for easier transportation.

Both types of panels will have loop Velcro fixings attached to the back of the panels. Once the hook Velcro is applied to the walling, you can attach and remove panels in seconds.

Looking to use shell scheme panels?

The standard size shell scheme panel we sell is 1000mm x 2400mm for PVC and card.

If you are looking for different sized panels, please get in touch with us so we can provide you with a custom quote.

It’s worth noting if you’re exhibiting in a shell scheme system, it’s likely the event organiser would have sent you or has possession of a stand specification. This document will detail the dimensions of the walls and confirm the panel sizes that would fit within your shell scheme. It would be beneficial to send this to us so we can accurately calculate the size of panels you need.


The great thing about shell scheme graphics, is they can be used time and time again.

If you’re looking to update the messages on your graphics, you can replace only the panels that display the messages you would like to change.

This will save you the difference from buying a whole new stand in the first place. However, we do not advise replacing singular panels as we cannot guarantee a 100% exact match of printed colours to your other existing panels.

Effective shell scheme graphic panels

Below, you can see FertileFibre’s shell scheme space and their branded graphics.

Shell scheme printed graphics

The best designs often feature oversized images which are separated out into the breadth of the shell scheme walling.

This design does more than enough to draw the eyes of passers-by, with short snappy bullet points that also offers easy to digest information that can be scanned in seconds.

Get in touch with us today

For any shell scheme graphic enquiries, or for more information, please give us a call today on 0808 163 6481 or use our live chat system during working hours.

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      Hi Melanie,

      In short, yes – as long as the images used on your site are high resolution files. PDF file types are ideal but PNGs could be used as well depending on quality. Our graphic designers may be able help out if needed. Do you have an image library or the original images you could send over and we can check them over for quality?


  1. Gisela L


    Do you provide the graphic for a shell scheme and are they reusable? If so, one of my clients might be looking at printing one. Do you also provide designing or only printing?

    • Jason Davis

      Hi! The answer is yes 🙂 We provide the graphics, they’re re-usable and we provide design help if needed too! Would you like us to email more information about our shell scheme graphics? Jason


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