Spice up your Display Stand

If you’re new to exhibiting at events or fetes, then you may want to start off using a small space to save costs and increase your return on investment. Here are our five top tips to attract and retain passersby, starting by spicing up your display stand!

Stop right now – Attracting passersby

The first step is to make sure that people notice your display stand and stop to find out more information. That means making sure that the space you have available to you is used to the best of its ability.

For tabletop displays, these products are great to help make people stop in their tracks:

  • If you have a table, consider covering it with a tablecloth to create a professional feel to your stand. This can also provide additional branding and provide a seamless look to your space.
  • Having your display stand visible at eye-level is important to make sure that passersby can see your space in a crowd. By using the tabletop space available to you, you could use folding display boards to great effect. These take up little table space and provide additional space to show information, posters or photos. As messages can easily be changed using hook fasteners, you can change these to tailor your messages to your audience.

Tablecloth and display boardTo help you create your perfect display stand, until 31st July 2013 you can buy an Express Displays tablecloth and plastic tabletop kit for only £145 when ordering by phone to increase the chance of somebody stopping at your stand!


Thank you very much – retain a following!

Now that your display stand looks fantastic, it’s time to put the icing on the cake and make sure that people who are interested are retained.  By asking people to engage with you further, you could increase revenue of your business or charity by repeat purchases/donations and increase awareness through social sharing.

Here are a two top tips to make sure you can increase your following after events:

  • Ask interested people to sign up to your email newsletter for regular updates. Having a form ready on your stand will mean that you can send them a thank you email after the event and remind them of who you are and what you do.
  • Ask people to join your social media community! If they start following you through these channels, then it will provide an extra way for you to engaging with them after the event to make sure they remember you. It also provides the opportunity to grow your community further via your followers sharing your content to their friends!

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