5 Embarrassing Dance Moves as Social Fails at Exhibitions

Picture the scene… you are out, you head to the dance floor to strut your stuff and suddenly your best mate does a robot, you slowly edge away to dance with the cool kids!

We see this sort of thing happen every day within the events industry, companies try to engage within social media but fail. Here are our 5 social fails and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Robot:
“We. Are. At. Stand. 35. See. Us. For. Business. Beep.” = Not engaging, not giving them a reason to visit you, Will. be.lost. in. the. crowd. Boop.

Share interesting content relevant for your potential customers. It’s fine to tell people where you are, but think about whether this would be engaging to you as a visitor before you click send.

2. Chicken dance:
Yes, your social engagement may be screaming look at me, look at me, but is it for the right reasons? It’s just frankly embarrassing.

It is important to think about your social strategy before going to the event and think about what your potential customers at the event would want to hear about. Stick to your stand theme and your brand values.

3. Twerking:
Doing it because everybody else is doing it is never the right reason to do something.

Choose your social engagement carefully to make sure you pick the right channel for the information you have to share for your potential customers. Look at your analytics see where your social traffic is already coming from it will give you a clue as to which social channels your customers are operating within

4. #YMCA:
We’ve all been there. Your arms outstretched to start spelling out that infamous Y.M.C.A while singing along at the top of your lungs– but you get the C the wrong way round for your audience.

When at an exhibition, make sure you check that your posts all have the right hashtags used by the exhibition to target it to the right audience. Take advantage of the hard work that the events marketing team have carried out prior and during the event.

5. Hokey Cokey:
You’ve put your left leg in, and your left leg out and you’ve even shaken it all about, but if you’re not measuring whether it’s successful then how can you improve?

Before you start your campaign ensure that you have a clear understanding of what success looks like or else you’ll be left in a permanent flux of the hokey cokey. So measure new followers, RTs, new conversations as methods of success to help improve future strategies.

Picture:- Dancing people with party design vector set 04 CC3.0


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