Top 10 Events to Attend this Summer

At Express Displays we love events of all shapes and sizes and love to help our customers get the correct materials to display their brand when attending events. With the sun shining the team at Express Displays have put together their top 10 list of events to be seen at this summer. Whether you’re a business or a customer here’s our top 10 events to attend this summer.

1. County shows – We love a county show, they have been part of the Great British summer for many generations. From agriculture stands full of animals to food stalls tempting with local delicacies. County shows have something for everyone. For local businesses they’re a great place to get your brand seen in front of a local audience and for attendees there a fantastic day out for the whole family.

2. Business Fair – If attending an event is more business then pleasure then business fairs are for you. If you want to take your business to the next level then attending a dedicated business fair will be for you. Business fairs come in all shapes and sizes from builder’s trade fairs and architect shows to IT fairs showcasing the latest in new technologies there will be a dedicated place to exhibit your company at and a place to network.

3. Car shows – At Express Displays the boys voted that their favourite event to attend in the summer was car shows. With the UK boasting the famous Santa Pod drag racing track this attracts many big events throughout the summer. From classic car displays to supercar shows there is something for every petrol head out there. Whilst attendees watch the days racing at events like these there’s still a place for traders to do business and you’ll find a wealth of products on display from car cleaning products to performance parts for sale.

4. Sporting events – No summer would be complete without a major sporting event. In recent summers the UK has seen the Olympics come to town and this year is no exception with the Tour De France visiting parts of the UK. If football is your thing then this years world cup will certainly be an event to follow, however if you’re not fortunate enough to get tickets to the games in Brazil they’ll be plenty of events taking part in the UK for you to watch the game with lots of atmosphere.

5. Music Festivals – Everybody loves live music and the summer brings live music in abundance with festivals like Glastonbury becoming a British institution. If camping in a tent isn’t your thing there is a wealth of one day festivals that you can attend without the need to be under canvas. The UK hosts live music festivals every week and a lot of these have trade villages included and are great places for local crafts, food and drink.

6. Extreme sports – There’s a few adrenaline junkies at Express Displays who love extreme sports. Although they say they love extreme sports what they meant was that they like going to watch professionals at events and not taking part themselves! There’s everything available from dare devil stunt displays to surfing competitions to motor cross.

7. Baking fair – With all the talk of music festivals and high adrenaline sports there’s nothing better than attending a baking fair. If like the rest of the country you’ve been addicted to watching the Great British Bake Off then attending a baking fair could be for you. From vintage cupcakes to impressive wedding cakes whether your attending the fair just to eat something impressive of your showcasing your professional baking skills then a foody baking fair is definitely worth visiting this summer.

8. Craft Fair – Craft fairs are great for everyone. Whether you’re a man with a shed and love to see hand turned wooden objects and hand carved creations or you’re women with a love for bunting and pretty little hand made things. Craft fairs are always evolving and as new techniques and talent emerges craft fairs are great for traders to show case what they are making but also great to inspire us into getting crafting yourself.

9. Beer festival – If there is one thing that everyone at Express Displays agreed on then that was that no summer would be complete without a visit to a beer festival. These are great for showcasing beers, ales and ciders from all over the UK and give micro-breweries the chance to attract a wider audience to their products.

10. Antiques Fair – For the older employees at Express Displays they said that no summer would be complete without an antiques fair. Often set in country homes and their surrounding grounds make a summer complete whilst strolling the stalls and looking for a hidden gem.

Whatever event your planning to attend this summer for those putting on the shows or trading at the shows event branding is a must and this is where Express Displays can help. From outdoor flags to outdoor banners Displays can make attending this summer’s hottest events a success for all businesses.


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