Trapped Upside-Down for 6 Hours – Martin’s Unbelievable Story

We take safety very seriously here at Express Displays. We were recently shocked to hear that Express Displays customer and start up business owner, Mr Martin Reed, was left trapped in his portable display for 6 hours.

Martin has kindly agreed for us to share his story with you all, to increase awareness of the dangers of entrapment in display equipment.

Martin’s Case
Man stuck upside-down in display caseMartin Reed is 46 and from King’s Lynn. After starting his own consultancy business two years ago, he was set on exhibiting at his first show this spring. Martin explains, “After receiving my new pop up display kit, I was keen to take it for a spin and see how it works. I’d never exhibited before, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to waste time and get flustered at the exhibition by struggling to set it up.”

“The instructions seemed simple enough. They told me to simply pop the frame up, whop on my graphic panels and attach my lights, so I thought I could do it on my own.”

“After mastering assembly, I then went on to dismantle my stand. After a few tugs on the pop up to try and pull it down, I started to doubt whether I was doing it right as I didn’t want to damage it. So, I went to find the instructions, only to realise that I’d dropped them into the case. They’d fallen right to the bottom. The cases are quite deep, so I had to reach in really far to even brush the paper with my fingertips. I had to stretch to fully reach the instructions. But I had lost my footing after stretching too far and slipped into the case upside down, crumpling into the bottom.”

“At first I couldn’t believe that it had really happened to me. There wasn’t enough room to right myself, and I couldn’t knock it over. I thought a neighbour may hear my shouts for help, but to no avail. So I was left squashed in an uncomfortable position, upside-down at the bottom of the counter for six hours”

“When my wife eventually returned, I have to admit I was feeling very relieved to know my ordeal was nearly over!  She was obviously concerned to find me upside-down in a case and helped me to get out quickly.”

“It took a few cups of tea to stop feeling dizzy from being upside-down for hours, but other than that I’m glad to say that I haven’t had any long-lasting side effects.”

“My pop up display stand worked perfectly at the event but I will certainly be more careful in the future when using it!”

Express Displays official statement on Martin’s Case:Pop up display stand cases are designed to be large and sturdy, to hold everything you need for your pop up display. This makes them deep and potentially dangerous if used incorrectly. But, April Fools! Martin Reed is a fictional character with a fictional scenario created by Express Displays to play a trick on you for April Fools. Any resemblance to actual people or actual events is purely coincidental.”

Please share this if you fell for our April Fools!

4 Responses to “Trapped Upside-Down for 6 Hours – Martin’s Unbelievable Story”

  1. Michael Cross

    6 Hours – I was trapped vertically for just 5 minutes and I thought I was about to die. My head felt as if it was about to explode, fortunately someone heard my screams.

    • kelly

      You weren’t trapped in a pop up display case were you? Hope you enjoyed our April Fools. :o)

  2. Marie Lamb

    Excellent email – brought a smile to my face on a dull, cold Aberdeen morning!

    Happy April Fools Day!


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