What is a Pop up Display?

Pop up displays are a very popular choice if you’re looking for a portable display stand. The frame gives this product its name as it ‘pops up’ from its convenient smaller storage size to its full height of over 2 metres tall. Graphic panels are then attached to the frame using either hook fastening, or magnetic systems to complete assembly.

Pop up displayPeople choose to buy pop up displays because they’re portable, they’re eye-catching and they’re big!  They can also last a long time so are a worthwhile investment if you plan on attending more events in the future. You will often see many of these in conferences and exhibition halls!

Portable pop up display

A pop up display is one of the largest portable displays you can find on the market, making it the perfect solution if you’re looking for a large top-quality display, but still need it to be portable for multiple uses.

Easy to pop-up!

One person can easily assemble a pop up display. With the frame that literally pops up, it’s light work to secure it in place. Fastening the graphic panels is also simple with quick fastening systems. These simple steps make the process of putting it up and dismantling a lot less laborious.

Your stand pops out

Once fully assembled, it’s easy to see your branding from afar as they completely cover the frame providing a professional look. The addition of lights also makes sure that your stand will remain visible even if you’re in the darkest of corners!

Pop it in the case

All of our Express Displays pop up displays come with a wheeled case which can fit all pop-up parts, graphics and lights. Not only does this make transporting your pop up easy, but once at your event or exhibition, the carry case can transform into a handy counter with counter-style top.

Cost effective solution

Our selection of pop ups (including lights and counter) range from only £500-£600 making them a worthwhile investment if you are planning to use yours at many events, conferences or exhibitions.

Until 31st August 2013, we’re also offering 10% off website prices of our 3×3 pop up display and our 3×4 pop-up display, which is a saving of £50-55! Call us today on 0800 0282008 to take advantage of this offer!

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