What Shape of Promotional Flag is Right for you?

We like to cut through jargon and help you to make the right decision when choosing your display equipment. Here, we discuss the available shapes of promotional flags to help you compare products between suppliers.

There are 3 main shapes ;

Standard Flag
The most common flag shape is the standard, which is rectangular. These flags have the largest printable graphic area which enable you to add more detail to your display than most shapes. Although it has the largest graphic area you must remember that flags are often read from a distance and as a result your message should be kept to a minimum.

Feather Flags
The feather flag is predominantly rectangular with a curve at the top and straight at the bottom. When comparing feather flags some sites may refer to them as sail flags.

Teardrop Flags
As the name suggests teardrop flags are in the classic shape of a teardrop. When comparing teardrop flags take into consideration that other sites refer to them as quill flags.

Teardrop, or quill flags as they are often referred to, have the smallest graphic area. This shape lends itself well to be used with simple logos with curved edges that fit into the flow of the shape.

In addition to varying flag shapes, they are available in different heights. The height of the flag you need will be dictated to by where you are going to use your flag and the shape that you choose. On each product page you will find full details of heights of the flag.

To ensure that your flag is safe, make sure that you have choose the right flag base for your teardrop or feather flag, see our flag bases

Hopefully this guide will help you when comparing flags by other suppliers. If you need more inspiration see out 5 Inspirational ways to use flags blog post.

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