Which is the Right Display Board for you?

Display boards are available in a range of shapes and sizes and with a variety of uses. This means that you should be able to find one that best suits your own needs. Our short guide is designed to help you identify the right one for you. It may also open your eyes to other ways in which you could use our boards, which you may not have considered.
Temporary Displays
The Express Plastic Table Top Kit is ideal if you’re setting up your own stand at a tradeshow or fete. It’s lightweight and with only three folding panels, it’s easy and quick to assemble. If the board is for displaying posters or leaflets, you can even create your display in advance, in the comfort of your own home, using the Velcro friendly fabric.
Large Information Display
If you need to share a quantity of information in an organised and meaningful display area, then the Express Jumbo Display may be what you’re looking for. Each of the panels is 2 metres high and they can be quickly joined together to create as large a display as you need. We’ve found that charities and schools are particularly fond of this product.
Semi-Permanent Display
Our Express Plastic Eight-Panel Folding Display Kit is perfect for literature and posters which you want to leave on display for a length of time. As well as being free-standing, the boards are durable and robust enough for long term use. The Velcro-friendly fabric also means you can easily change and update your display as often as you like.
Temporary Partitioning
Our Express Jumbo Display Boards are also an excellent way of creating a temporary partition, that’s quick to erect and dismantle. Standing 2 metres high they are an effective barrier and as you can link together as many as you need, they can cover as big or as small a space as you need. One example of how they can be used is to hide chairs, in a library or school hall. They could also divide up a large room, creating a smaller, more intimate space for meetings or small events.
Professional Branding
One last feature of our display boards is the header panel, which can be added to our Folding Display Kits and Express Aluminium Display Boards. Adding professional branding is a great finishing touch to your display board and helps it stand out just that bit more.
Hopefully, one of these boards will be right for you and we are always happy to discuss your own particular needs.

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